ghandar : 5 years old

the little gentleman is turning five today. 
Hup hup huppy birthday the sun of my days… 

 Oh dear..

It’s the fifth year I wrote something like this to you.
How time flies, and suddenly, I see not-so-a-toddler in front of me. You’ve grown so fast, like in 5 blinks of eyes. What can I say to you anymore, but thanks.

Thanks to come to our life and make it brighter.  Thanks to teach about the meaning of life, something that won’t be the same as before. And of course, it’s much better.

You may enjoy to read a book this year, as you will find the whole world within. But, it’s all gonna be real if you live it. Live your life. Experience things. You might fall or hurt, but it’s okay. Life is always interesting, and it gives you a lot of surprises, either bad or the good one. Always remember that nothing stays the same, so keep moving on.


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