A Night Surprise

It was about a couple hours ago, I got an short message – asking, where’s my dorm exactly located. And I said I wasn’t at home – well, I’m still download Jolicloud – a new Linux based operating system. So I told them to comeby, I was in the cafe nearby.

Then Mbak Titik and Prima came not long after that (after they said lost in Pogung Lor for hours – really I can’t hold my self to not to laugh). And what made me speechless (from within, but still can’t stop laughing in the outside), was after couples chit-chat, they surprised me with a birthday cake – a tart.

I don’t know how they got my birthday date, and even has a time to preparing a birthday cake to surprise me.I don’t know what to say, I am no good at social manners, even never better on expressing my emotions. But deep within me, I am happy without a word good enough to express it.

Thank you for this night – it was a really nice surprise.

Oh, by the way, when was my birthday once again? Ha ha…. December surely full of surprises.


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