Tonite! Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: PHIL MIMBIMI

Edition: May 25, 2011

Rock-n-Roll Exhibition: PHIL MIMBIMI
Kitchen Sink Harmony – The Songs of the Cooking Doctor, the Artist Formerly Known as “a Darling Culinarian” aka Chef PM

:: Playlist, intro, song descriptions, and photos, written and handpicked by Phil Himself ::

Music is like a form of self expression. I’m a big fan of art, creativity, entertainment.

In my line of work I really appreciate and respect musicians as they express themselves uniquely in their own way driven by passion and inspiration. I apply this same form of creative drive when I’m in the kitchen cooking. Music is so emotional and it’s fun to listen to. I enjoy almost all kinds of music because its about people. It’s the same way I cook, almost every ingredient I enjoy working with and cooking to serve people to eat one of the most basic forms of human needs. Music inspires people to move, groove, dance, and be happy. I put together this playlist of just songs that come from memories of mine throughout my own personal experiences and journeys. It’s a wide range of artists, musicians, and performers that are all over the spectrum. Hope there is something in here that everyone can enjoy.

The Playlist:

01. Soul Rebel – Bob Marley and the Wailers
A song of course by my favorite individual artist of all time. I used to work in Jamaica and to this day he is still talked about on a constant basis. Many stereotypes of West Indian and Jamaican people are actually untrue. But they do all love music and Bob Marley is considered a pioneer, a saint, a god, an idol, a hero, a revolutionary, and an inspiration to all.
Soul Rebels/1970

02. Hip Hop is Dead – NAS
This one reminds me of my school days in New York. East coast hip hop is all about the beats and the lyrics. Nas is so talented and creative with the words he uses in his music. And his passion for giving a great run down of daily life combined with music that respects the roots of jazz, rock, funk, breakbeats, and even pop is amazing. He is also a pioneer of battle rapping and his feuds with Jay-Z are legendary. This track he rocks out with Will I AM from Black Eyed Peas.
Hip Hop is Dead/2006

03. Amazing – George Michael
I bought my first cassette tape with a guy who I though was like a white version of Michael Jackson. This was ages back in the day and his soulful pop music has always been a great vibe.

04. Speed of Sound – Coldplay
This song was from a band that really crossed over to allot of different genres. I liked how they put so much effort into performing. I saw them live in Singapore and from lighting to interacting with the fans it was an amazing show. Alternative nation that flows into mainstream with ease. Great music. To me this was their theme song.

05. Still a Friend of Mine – Incognito
Classic English acid jazz band which combines smooth sounds from start to finish. These guys have performed numerous times at the Jakarta Java Jazz fest.

06. Come As You Are – Nirvana
This was one of my high school anthem songs. The whole grunge fad took my wardrobe by storm. Just classic metal gone in a 90’s kind of way.

07. Feels Just Like It Should – Jamiroquai
Great band that mixes in club tunes that people can dance to. Fun music which is very upbeat and positive.

08. What’s My Name – DMX
DMX was such a heavy hitting artist that came out on the scene. He had a tough, thuggish, dog-like image. Always surrounding himself with pit bulls, fast street bikes, and ATV toys. He sported a wardrobe of big boots, leather jackets, do rags and big chains. An icon for hip hop and the urban youth.
And Then There Was X/1999

09. Boogie Balo “Don’t Shut Me Out” – Armand Van Helden
Bostonian dj with great international roots. A kind of godfather of eltro beats always ready to rock down a party. This guy knows how to get the crowd rocking and has collaborated with some of the best worldwide.
Live From Your Mutha’s House/1994

10. Put up or Shut Up – GangStarr
This was a crew of Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal and DJ Premier. Totally east coast blended with that city beat. Really putting New York Hip Hop on the map. They did so many collaborations with numerous artists and always paid hommage to the legends and greats before their time.
The Ownerz/2003

11. The D.O.C. & the Doctor – The D.O.C.
West Coast rap here. Truly that LA South Central beat and feel. The lead for this group had a accident and damage all his vocal chords. After that never the same music. But this album and especially this release in particular was a classic. The black LA Kings hockey hats, the black chevy impala, and the underground rap scene at its finest during the 80’s.
No One Can Do It Better/1989

12. Veridis Quo – Daft Punk
A spurn for early electronica. Used to hear samplings of this in clubs all over towards the end of the 90’s and early millenium. Great kind of a twist to alternative disco music.

13. SnoopMan – Snoop Dogg
Snoop of course is one of the rap game godfathers. He is also a Cali based artist who now has his own reality tv show. From his style of language to the braided hair, the gin and juice drink of old school he always kept the crowd entertained. This guy is a legend in his own time and like a walking rap hall of famer. He also had allot of roots into American football especially the Oakland Raiders. Not forgetting about his infamous weed smoking, Snoop always came to party.
Welcome To Tha Church Vol. 8/2005

14. Trife Life – Mobb Deep
Another East Coast heavy lyriced hip hop group. These guys were pretty rugged around the edges and carried guns, ran gangs, and thugged pretty often. Kind of coined terms like thug life, big boots, heavy denim, and came straight out of the streets. I used to listen to this track every day before school. They preached survival of the fittest and always looked to be stirring up some action.
The Infamous/1995

15. Gasolina – Dady Yankee
This Puerto Rican underground rap/hip hop artist help to create an entirely new genre of music called Reggaeton. A blend of the soca, rap, calypso, steel drum beats of Latino artists. I grew up and went to school with allot of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Latino friends so this music has always been fun to listen to. He does mainly lyrics in his native tongue of Spanish and has paved the way for many other Latin stars and artists.
Barrio Fino/2004

16. Hu’u Volume II – Hanna Hais
This Fench DJ artist put together this compilation. A blend of soulful house music with deep vocals. Really great chill, and lounge listening music that gets people in the mood.
Hu’u Volume 2/2010

17. Predador – French Fries mixed by DJ Gregory Defected
This iconic and legendary house party event happens annually in Bali. Over the years numerous big name dj’s have been involved and linked up together with local Indonesian performing talent. They pack out clubs, spin until dawn, and attract crowds who are totally in tune with music, dance, and party.
Junction in the House Bali Defected/2010

18. The Entertainer – Scott Joplin
This musician was not only a pioneer in his style but also for a post civil war revolutionary. The son of former slaves, Scott Joplin composed, wrote, and performed in clubs for blacks only during his earlier years. He was one of the originators and creators of “ragtime” which was not only about music but also a two step dance. He paved the way for countless musicians after leaving his home in Texas and getting a big break to play in the Chicago World’s Fair. An inspiration to many and a hero of his time.
The Best of Scott Joplin/1902

19. International Affair – Sean Paul
Responsible for really bringing Reggae Dancehall to mainstream music charts. Sean Paul is a flashy fair complected Jamaican artist who blends reggae, with hip hop, pop, and is seen as the clean cut good guy in terms of this music genre. I got a chance to meet and see him live when he performed for a Reggae Sunfest in Montego Bay. Also went on to win a grammy putting Jamaican dancehall music officially back on the map!
Dutty Rock/2002

20. Cant Knock the Hustle – Jay-Z
A hip hop East Coast original, Jay-Z does it all. He owns night clubs, a pro basketball team in New Jersey, his own clothing line RocaWear, has a net worth of over 450 million dollars, was rated by billboard magazine in the top 5 rappers of all time and last but not least is married to Beyonce. Need I say more? I living icon and legend, not only from music to business this dude is living the life. Went from the streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn to summertime trips in the French Mediterranean on his luxury yacht. This song for me is just about a successful guy doing his own thing no matter what people say.
Reasonable Doubt/1996

21. Hey Ya! – OutKast
These guys represented the hip hop movement from down south. They brought about a combination of rock and funk music with this track. In the video they recreated themselves performing as the Beatles from an Ed Sullivan show. Pioneers of the dirty south, g funk music which combined rap, blues, electronica, spoken word, and even a bit of poetry.
The Love Below/2003

22. Lift Your Fist – GURU
GURU standing for Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal takes soul and instrumentals on his shoulders here. On the album noteables contain the likes of Craig David, Erykah Badu, Herbie Hancok, and Isaac Hayes. GURU blends legendary musicians with up and coming talents while putting his own lyrics into the fold. Big on added quality vocals and passionate performing artists his music often goes deep into social and political motives as well.
Guru’s JazzMatazz StreetSoul/2000

23. Maliq & D’essentials
An Indo band that busted out on the scene around 2005. Music and Live Instrumental Quality is what MALIQ stands for. These young cats really put on a great show. I moved to Jakarta late 2004 and was able to see them from kinda basic regular free lance gigs at the 4Seasons to full on concerts for the Jakarta Java Jive Fests. The kind of have that indie draw which is classic and always brings a huge turnout.

24. Elevation – U2
One of the greatest bands of all time. They bridge the gaps of age, culture, religion, sex, race, color, and creed. Originally came together the year I was born, 1976, this rocking group of musicians will go down in history as one of the best ever. Countless hit classics, this song for me is one of their newer pieces which I really like.
How to Dismantle an Atomic Time Bomb/2004

25. Yeah – Usher
One of the crown princes of modern day R&B and pop music. This guy is a chameleon of sorts when it comes to his versatility. Not only a great vocalist but spends countless hours on his choreography. This song reminds me of times going into a club and getting ready to start a big night on the weekend.

26. Senorita – Justin Timberlake
This to me represents the white version of a modern day Michael Jackson. JT grew up in Memphis the home of blues and really incorporates his roots into his music. I like this song how it drifts into some acapella tones and of course a collaboration featuring Pharell Williams of the band N.E.R.D. He started off in boy band and went solo. Also another freak when it comes to choreography. Seems his fans and critics are always debating the love hate relationship. But all opinions aside a talented performer and musician.

27. Children’s Story – Slick Rick
From the golden age of hip hop, Slick Rick aka Rick the Ruler was one of the first with the trademark gold chains. He rocked an eyepatch from a childhood accident and was always having his songs get sampled from. Originally English, migrated over to the states and began his musical career on the streets of the boogey down Bronx. This song is like a kids fable lullaby about running the streets and playing ghetto games.
The Great Adventures of Slick Rick/1988

28. UZI (pinky ring) – Wu Tang Clan
My favorite of all favorite hip hop groups of all time. These cats were inspired by hip hop, martial arts, bruce lee, blunts, cannabis, street credit, and the burroughs of New York City. Each character and member of the group had their own specific skills. Like a pack of super heroes each possessing supernatural qualities. The most amazing part was really their ability to put together incredible lyrics with club rocking beats.
Iron Flag/2001

29. Woman I Need You – Sizzla
This is one of the rast raggamuffin rough necks whose shows sometimes incite riots and protests. Came up way back in the day and has always put out music laiden with controversy. His shows are top draws and always have a huge crowd turnout. Never afraid to incite controversy whether its about anti homosexuality, oppression, poverty, or ganja smoking.
Da Real Thing/2002

30. Stronger – Kanye West
To me this artist is like a modern day Frank Sinatra. Just polished, smooth, all over MTV, based out of the midwest but has that universal appeal. He performs on all the biggest stages and is totally driven to keep climbing to the top of the charts.

31. Mystery – Bounty Killer
A serious tough gangster from Kingston Jamaica this guy spits out lyrics on the microphone with a mad vengeance. Fights, brawls, shootings, domestic violence, disorderly and wreckless driving seem hand in hand with his reputation. An incredible live performer, Bounty Killer is able to throw the crowd into a frenzy with his signature deep voice.
The Mystery/2002

32. American Me Intro – CL Smooth
A solo album from one of my favorite hip hoppers who did his own thing from the days when he was with Pete Rock. Just solid beats with incredibly crafted lyrics. C.L. Smooth had a hard time when his original duo broke apart. He went into haitus for quite some time only to re surface with this solo album. Now he does political voter recruitment and still pushes it strong on the stage.
American Me/2006

33. The Seed (2.0) – The Roots
A blend of hip hop/neo soul, funk collective. These performers always have live instrumentals going on while they perform. From Philadelphia and really into developing a unique sound. Very urban and mixed with old school style.

I left out allot of my favorites, Guns and Roses, Notorious BIG, etc. etc. but this is the recipe for now.


And best regards,


This Cameroon-born charismatic chef has been working in the kitchens across the world since the age of 16. The true definition of and African-American, Philip Mimbimi grew up in the midwest, schooled in New York. Worked in over 7 countries globally. Chef PM enjoys sports, people watching, chopsticks, & hot sauce. To him, working in the kitchen is a constant learning process and provides daily inspiration. “My passion for what I do is similar to water, it comes smooth and cool in the form of a water stream, it can be hot like steam, burn you with a boil, freeze you cold like ice, or wash you away like a big wave; The best part about what I do people will always have to eat. And people all over the world eat, doesn’t matter what religion, color of skin, man, woman, child, everybody gotta eat.”


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Upcoming show/exhibitions*:
– June 01 | Exhibition: Kemir (Program Director of OZ Radio Bali)
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– June 15 | Exhibition: Adi Cumi (frontman of Fabel, singer of Raksasa, storyboard artist)
And more shows and exhibitions by Tony Tandun, Sasa Serban, Anto Arief, Pratiwi Sasotya with Dimas Ario, etc in June-July.

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Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-boned,
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