The Sparkling Rain within Your Eyes

I have met rain this afternoon, suddenly they fall freely when my steps still far enough from that silhouette I call home. Its been awhile since the last time I walked under the afternoon rain. When nothing urge to be done which need me to keep myself dry – I prefer to have a walk home, even under the rain.

Well, I used to life in the middle of rice fields, rain often chough me when I far from home – no building, no tree, no shelters, it just rice fields everywhere. So, I just let myself enjoyed walking home under the rain.

And somehow I remember how I found those sparkling rain within your eyes. It was rainy and yet we trapped out of nowhere. You watched them with deep attention, like there’s no space between both of you. And I can see those rain sparkling beautifully within those charming eyes.

Yet I don’t really know how we can be so close with nature. Our feelings swept, blew, and flew away with the move and gesture of the nature, leaving behind a craft of happiness and joy.

I don’t know if this was a merely a moment of feel that certainly would disappear when the twilight starts to dim and dimmer. When the rain finally stops and leave us behind with empty space between you and me. Then I can see it clearly, the sparkling rain within your eyes, isn’t the rain that connect us with their shivering winds, it is the question without an answer.

Even I would like to say, I love you, but the words then became meaningless, didn’t they? The words are forbidden spells that must be not enchanted, are they? And I didn’t spoke the words anymore.

Well, the rain already stopped, I should close this window of memory – here.


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