The Last Potter

Yesterday night, I was treated to watch the new movie, “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows – Part 2” in 3D cinematography. At first, since the new import movie taxes issue, I didn’t think that this movie would arrive in Indonesia. Well, but yesterday was amazing.

As one of the most anticipated movie in this year, I think it should be amazing and memorable, since this is the last of eight Harry Potter’s movies according to its seven series novel by J.K Rowling.

I did have a plan to watch it since last week, but to think I would have it for free on 3D cinematography, I must be lucky. And indeed, I was very lucky to have a free dinner afterwards.

So let’s go to the movie review, or perhaps not, I am not a good reviewer or so. The opening start when the last movie left, it’s a natural, even then after a few scenes, I found that the scenes were different from its origin novel, but the main storyline wasn’t change at all, except the ending where Harry broke the Elder Wand into two pieces intentionally.

I do understand that the producing team should put a long storyline to only for a 130 minutes movie, it would be hard to keep up so the movie would cover the origin story.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows–Part 2

But I think, this was one of the good series that have been made. Well, by considering, that there were one or a couple of movie that really disappointing. The rate is good, IMDb gives about 87 from 100 meta-scores, and I would agree for that rating.

The special effects are amazing in some scenes, but not all of them. I really love the scenes of Hogwarts last battle. But for the ending scenes, after 19 years later, it seems that Harry and his friends still look so young despite of the heavy adulthood makeups they put on.

But nevertheless, it a worth movie to watch. I wish the Blu-ray edition would come with extra editor’s cuts, then it will be fantastic.


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