Seeing Through Nothing

Perhaps you ever heard someone were asking to meet a professional that can help him for some personal problems, like stress maybe. “I need to find my physiatrist, I can find the way out of my burden right now.” Yes, something like that perhaps a close example, or maybe a simple ask for a friend’s advice.

Well, if I say I need for help, maybe since I can’t not handle the problem myself. Or, I – perhaps – able to handle the problem myself, but I just can’t see the way to make it done nicely. In another words, my mind are cloudy, my judge on the matter would be wavering.

Just like a cloudy sky, we cannot see the blue sky clearly as a wholeness. Maybe then we need to wait until the cloud disappear, which may take forever, or we may ask someone who stands under the clear sky with clear view, so he can tell us how does the sky look like actually.

Cloudy Sky

But when we ask for another help to find how does the sky look like, we shall only know lines of story, we shall never know the sky as how it is actually.

As exactly as we never understand our problems as actual fact when we listening it from others, even we – probably – understand it as a logical conception. So, do you think it is important for us to see our problems for our self and understand it fully in wholeness, and not just as a story or logical conception?

Then perhaps you would like take some advice from one of my favourite animation movie, “Lion King: Hakuna Matata”, it said, “Look beyond what you see.” It is a simple phrases with lot of deep meaning.

We see our problems through many prejudices, worries, fears, knowledges, experiences, deductions, advices, calculations, and more. Then the more we add it, the more the cloud were hanging nicely in our sunny sky. The problem is there, the fact is there, the reality is there, it is simply there! But we took our time to see it through many many things, and then we came to realize, that we already lost it in sight.

That’s why the old monkey said, look beyond what you see, so in the end you would see through nothing, the only one in your sight is the absolute fact, the real problems, so then you can act naturally as you find the actual life.


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