Road to TrashStock Musik Artistik Plastik

The festival TrashStock is coming back on 4th &5th August at Kulidan Kitchen & Space (Sukawati).

The event “Road To TrashStock” that took place in Rumah Sanur on Saturday 12th was the opportunity to rewind what happened since its creation in 2015 and introduce the 2018 theme of animal protection.

TrashStock is a community using the “Musik Artistik Plastik” mix for an annual two days art exhibition and concert event highlighting the plastic pollution issue through positive messages and beautiful artwork created with or inspired by plastic trash.

TrashStock’s Volunteer Team

Bali is famous for its creativity, and more and more artists are using trash to express their care for Bali’s daunting plastic pollution. Made Bayak and Vifick Bolang made inspiring speeches about their passion for environmental awareness through trash inspired artwork before Gus Dark introduced “No Littering Propaganda”, part of TrashStock social program assisting artists and NGOs using art for educational campaigns. To do so, 13 cartoons have been printed on large banners to be placed in strategic locations by communities who would register their interest in educating their village through cartoons suggesting negative behaviours in a sarcastic, yet positive way.

Banner donated to Bibit Hijau community

The event was also the occasion of unveiling the 2018 poster design, presented by Sanjaya Adi Putra, designer at Catalyze Communications but also known as the guitarist of Pygmy Marmoset’s duo.

The essence of TrashStock would have not been fully represented without music, and two local bands of young Indonesian talents Bingkai Senja and Manja, sang their care for Bali’s ecosystem.


More information about TrashStock on Facebook & Instagram via @TrashStockBali and


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