I See in You

They’ve said that we humans are not so different each other, even essentially isn’t has any different at all, yet when we look other what are we really seeing? Did we really see the same humanity, the same joy, the same sadness, the same happiness, the same despair? Or just we see other and put ourself in some form of empathizing or sympathizing?

The questions go on and on, while an answer yet to found.

Collared Roys

The same question I’ve been addressing to myself. If I see other, what shall I see in you, shall I see myself, the same humanity? If I see you, shall I understand what we’ve addressed as you and me?

I wonder if people can understand each other, which implies not only understanding others but also oneself fully. I wonder if that would make this world better.

I wish I can see in you, so the world turn a new.


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