Border of Our Sight

We see our surrounding freely if we got a pair of good eyes sight, but poorly when we lost it. But, being honest, our sight is so limited, that we can not see everything directly. And we put so many thing to extent our sight to certain degree, and the most tool that human has developed to compensate the border of their sight, is faith or belief.

When we can not see the work of our teammates, we just say, “lets have a faith in them“. The same way when one can not see God, the one says, “I believe in God“.  Belief is the most powerful glasses that we – human – ever invented. A double edge sword, which capable of turning right into wrong and the opposite.


Belief has become a prolongation of border of our sight, and an extremely greatest extension that can make people see beyond his reality.

But I think, for myself, being honest is the most pleasant way, joyful path, and burden-less journey.

Being  honest, I think, people should care most about reality, put all his heart into the life as they are. Which implies, seeing what he only sees, not beyond it since what beyond it is belief, non-fact, thought.

If one being honest with oneself, sometimes, one shall learn, that eyes aren’t the only instrument that human can use to see the reality.

Yes, border of our sight are our genuine limitation, but being limited is what human is, being honest of our limit is humble accepting our genuine existence in this world.

But this limit has made all of us capable of one great thing, that is to see the present as they are. Even we can not see the past and the future, but we can at one with our present if we honestly see them as they are.



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