Bend of Morning Winds

I remember clearly, the void, the smell of morning grass and land in the thick of morning mist. It was not unusual morning, neither a special one, it just a common early morning, right before the sun were about to raise gently. And I believe everyone must have ever seen this kind of morning once in a life time, at least.

It was rather a amazingly quite morning, well…, by imagining the crazy cold windows rattling winds from last night, I think a shy morning mist has its own charm, don’t you think so?

I took a single step forward, carefully – and slowly. There was only a narrow path that didn’t have any grasses grow on it, I didn’t want to put a step on them, well, the dew a little bit cold of course. And then took a deep breath, wow…! It was amazing!

The grasses bend low, so they can hide the morning winds so the air and the sky would stay still. I though intently wish to surprise the sun when the very first morning ray touch the thin grasses all over the land, they shall release the bend of morning winds up to the sky, breach through the thick mist and unleash the magical air spell that the world known as freshness.

It is always be the dance of the bend of morning winds.


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