Afternoon Break at Soma Yoga

I’ve been about a year searching for this small restaurant since it has move to the new place. Well, I wouldn’t say it as a restaurant, maybe just a family café in the middle of paddy farm. Located in Babarsari, regency of Yogyakarta, only about 10 minutes from Adi Sucipto International Airport.

Today I’ve a lunch at “Warung Vegetarian Soma Yoga”, yes since its specialized in vegetarian menu, which I love them so much. We have many traditional menus which turn into vegetables based food.

There are not much a vegetarian food corners in Yogyakarta, and I think Soma Yoga would be a good choice for them who are vegans. And don’t worry, the prices are still reasonable, it isn’t a high class menu at all, but it is tasted best with so many ingredients , flavoured with so much traditional spices. And don’t forget about a special menu that different in each day.

Soma Yoga - Vegetarian Cafe

Simply designed in traditional touch of Javanese food house, you can eat while breathing a fresh air of paddy’s field around the café. You may find it is a good place for killing an afternoon while writing something on your notebook, but there is no hotspot access yet, so bring your own mobile broadband access.

I had a nice afternoon break today at Soma Yoga, maybe I will give a visit next week.

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For they who love traditional atmosphere while having a break or just having a cup of coffee, I think Soma Yoga is a good option to visit. Need more information about this vegetarian corner? Just give the management a call at +622747-110-221 or send a mail.


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