A Twisting Morning

Yes I know – the sun rises gently, and the birds are chattering as how they used to. This morning environment surely should makes me at ease, but I can’t say so. Something twisting within my bowel.

Last night, I got dinner for about $ 2 which offering me a very spicy menu. My idea that moment was to get some greens vegetable, since it is hard to find any when the night fall in Yogyakarta.

Between fortunate & unfortunate moments, there was a lot of garlics and onions, with much more chillies. The taste was fantastic, if your tongue already spice resistant, than you won’t have any issue when tasting the secret ingredient. There was a lot of natural vitamin E, which means a lot of antioxidants, but a lot of acid too. You got the benefit, yet in the same time, you would give your bowel more irritant than usual.

Well, I won’t be surprised that this morning I am already got to rest room twice in an hour. Yeah…, its the laxative effect of last night meal, what a twisting morning. And its already enough to make me lost a lot of energy when I should be refreshed after a good night sleep. I just don’t hope this would turn out into diarrhoea, or it would be serious problem.


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