While you were sleeping

Dearly beloved,

Its been a while I didn’t see someone else’s sleep beside my arms. And I was lucky when I woke up from my long hours nap this afternoon then I saw this little boy peacefully slept over my arms, since I was go to bed my self.

Have you ever watching over someone sleeping lately?. Did you ever noticed all the things that you wouldn’t see by the time he wake up?. This little boy snoring beside my arms, I saw him at his most vulnerable. He’s relaxed and not protecting his expressions of movements. All I see is just a perfect picture of tranquility, serenity and inner peace. Its like soothing music, and watching him sleep takes all stress away.

I’d be pulled into his breath, in a way, I sensing something about him that I might not see in the light of day when he is wide awake. I feel there’s a softness there too. The picture while he was sleeping provide me with the first real look at him, all his little scars and marks, so to speak, arousing thoughts of how tired he is sometimes. And there I am, seeing myself on him 🙂

a note to remember. While you were sleeping.


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