The fifty four and the fifty six at the sixty six

Picture courtesy of Viar M Suganda. The trigger :’)

Dear high,

Three years after the will. And there finally  I am,  stood up on the edge of 45 meter high tower minutes after sunset on Sunday with my ankles bounded by elastic cord connected to Viar’s. We were hold each other side by side with half of our palm feet already over the edge. The last picture that my senses perfectly captured for seconds is only, the heart beat, the deep breath following my eyes to toes, see 4 sets of tiny little toes, mine and Viar’s, then the green blue lighted up pool 45 meter below our feet. It was such a breath taking scene that make my knees feels nothing but powerless. A moment that makes me really want to say ‘hold on’ or ‘wait a sec’ but its just too much late. As in the next micro second we’re leaving the edge for falling down. Without wings, but thank God there was cord.

That was my first jump that I would love to recall it over and over again. There’re me, Efi, Novan, Viar and a funny lovely times. The jump itself somehow, brought me back to a lot of value in Life that I almost forget about. A priceless value about surrender. I almost forget that in Life, there will always gonna be a moment that we’re only inch to the edge where we can’t step back not even look back. A moment that push us just to jump or die. And I need to bear it in mind, once that moment come to my Life, I have to definitely go for jump. Who knows that I cud build my wings on the way I’m falling down? who knows that there cud be someone who catch me on the way I’m falling down? No one knows. Who knows that my ankle is actually bounded safely to the cord and the jump happened its just for fun. That one I know. It was fun!

a note to self to remember. and please do, always surrender to feelings of happiness. To stop question all the lovely gift that has landed on your door step. Stop doubting. Good things come to those who deserve them. Accept it, embrace it, with open arms. Jump!


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