Dont look back

Released for Bali Premiere Management – one of image from my lovely rushing week ๐Ÿ™‚
a note to remember. Years ago when Dad said that I gotta be grow up and learn to be a girl with can do attitude, I never know that it will always gonna be so this exciting. Start from the day he told me until today, living the days in ‘can do attitude’ somehow makes me do better and better. For all the things that I can’t do I learn. For all the things that I don’t know yet I dig it with curiosity.

Its been a busy week in Bali after my short time coming home for Idul Fitri. My PC seems like never sleep and sometimes I wish I didn’t need to sleep too, which is I found nearly impossible. I love simply being under the warm blanket with good music in my ear and fall asleep as deep as I could, sleep is definitely heaven that I wont to be missed. So here I am, walking at the speed of running everyday. Happily trying to living my days in no hurry at all no matter how much things that I have to handle. I believe I can answer every challenge, finished every tasks, meet people and realize it at the same time, that I Love all the things I do today.
Oh, one more thing before I close today. I feel a lot like in Love to someone’s meantime. Someone funny that I met around the corner this crowded lovely Life. Its been a while he drown me deep into the ocean of laughter and be there in just the way he is. Somehow his loveliness was scratch my heart with this little bitter feeling, I always lust and get unlucky with my Love life ever since. But there goes my Daddy come again and remind me ‘If you wanna speed up, don’t look back’. And there I am, still waiting for my prince to come. Walking at the speed of running be the best for all ๐Ÿ™‚


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