Training A Dragon?

Last night I watched this animated movie, “How To Train Your Dragon”, it is not a new movie, but still fascinating watching it, especially in high-definition. Dragons are fabulous creatures between myths and legends, almost all Eurasian have a legendary scripts about dragons or dragon-like creatures. If you talk about fantasy worlds, bed time stories, sometime would be more interesting to put a dragon within the tales.

Okay, back to the movie. The story is about Hiccup, a young viking boy – son of Viking chief, who lives in Berk – a Viking village along with other villagers. It just a normal village, except for the pest, it has dragons, which is the reason every building are new instead of 300 years history of the village itself.

Hiccup were obsess being – what he imagined as – a true Viking, fighting and killing dragons. But nevertheless his spirit and effort, in the end his action only leads more troubles for the village. So, it was common acknowledge among the villagers that  Hiccup were only trouble maker and won’t able to raise a weapon to fight even  a single dragon.

How To Train Your Dragon

Until one night when dragons raid Berk, Hiccup shot down a dragon which latter he know that is the Night Fury, the most mysterious and dangerous unknown type of dragon. Instead of killing Night Fury, Hiccup find himself unable to kill a dragon and then they both develop interest each others, which leading to their friendship and adventure.

I must say the animation on high-definition movie was amazing, the detail and the graphic were charmingly took me the world of fantasy and adventure.

But the point of interest is the story line. I mean, if you were a Hiccup-like person, you wish become something like others around you, so can make a proud of yourself. But then, you find something that you are – juts – not mean to be like what you wish all this time. Instead of becoming you were wish for, you then to the path that completely – I may say – the opposite of everything you ever imagine before.

You may find troubles with yourself, with your community and everything which perhaps close and dear to you. This movie show you, how is being something like that. It is a nice movie.



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