Three Best Things in My Life

Talk about the best thing in my life, I think all of the part in my life is the best I ever had and very special for me. But now, I want to tell you the three best things in my life.


1). My mother is my best friend. She is like the sunshine of my life. Whenever I have any problem she helps me. The first time I was follow a speak contest, She always gave me spirit and make me confident with my ability to show the best and to be a winner. She bought me a beautiful dress and cute shoes. I’m sure that my mother always gives me the best advices therefore I think that she’s better than gold. My mother is a person who knows all about me and still likes me.  I think that if she competed in a contest: “the best mother of the world” she would certainly win and I would be proud that she is my mother. My mother is special because she loves me. And I love her because of who she is.

My Mom, My Best Friend

2). The best moment in my life is when I have awards as Indonesian Youth Leadership from UNICEF and the Ministry for Women’s Empowerment to mark the National Children’s Day, which falls on the 23rd of July 2007.  On the 22nd  of July 2007 I received trophies from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at Ancol Amusement Park in north Jakarta. Emmm…….the best precious moment I ever had. Besides received the trophy from president of Indonesia, I also received a certificate from UNICEF and the State ministry and Scholarship Rp 5 million from Bank Niaga for my future education.

With Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection RI , ASEP-JOKO, UNICEF

In first selection process “Document for the campaigning for children’s right” I must make a true story from my activities when campaign for Children’s right. I wrote about my experienced to help establish the Balinese Children Forum with the motto the different points of views were not barrier, but rather part of beauty of Indonesia’s diversity.  Ough……remember the nervous moment is when the second selection “interview” involved UNICEF, non-governmental organization, government institutions, and the media and children. But because of spirit and God Blessing I can do the best for me and for the children around the world especially the Bali’s children. I hope I can be a good motivator and inspirators to do something make a better place for our children.

3). I think the best gift I ever had is a beautiful doll  from my mother when I was children. The doll’s name is Fulgoso same like the Marimar’s Dog, (Marimar is an female figure in my favorite film).

Marimar and Fulgoso

Fulgoso is a big doll with silk brown feather and cute smile. He has grey eyes and pointed nose. He wear purple shirt and he look like handsome with red tie. I love Fulgoso very much because he can make me smile when I feel sad or bored. But, I don’t know where’s Fulgoso now. It’s lost when I’m and my family move to Gianyar Regency from Buleleng. But, he’ll stay in my mind until the end of my life. CupMuach…..

she’s not fulgoso but i think she look like fulgoso, hahaha xD


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