The Things We Shared Together

Imagine yourself were sitting on top of high building or hill, and look far to the horizon where there is nothing block your view. What would you see? I don’t say it must be filled with a lot of beautiful things, some may found there were a lot of painful things as well.

Those things are the things we shared together. The air, water and land, whether they were clean & refreshing or in other hand, were polluted & dirty.

We share them not just among human, but as equal as so many living things around our living place. So share them wisely, share them so we can continue sharing them for the next generations. It is our chain of natural harmony, and we – humans – are part of it.

If the chain were about to or already broke, we need to fix it – together, there is no single living thing capable or creating harmony.

Kembang Kuning

If we willingly put our heart into this wisdom, I think we shall have a beautiful harmony around us, the beauty that unreachable if we forget that everything is the things that we shared together.


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