The Branch and Shadow of My Life

Even when my awareness walk in present time, sometime there definitely a question comes by, whether I’ve taken the right path, the exact turn, or whether I still hold my shadow far behind within the lost past. There is time when I stand, and look around, only to see nothing but a glimpse of nothingness.

I am aware that I can not fold time to the future, nor pull back what has become a bunch of memories. I feel the shallow of my consciousness, emerges slowly from the unknown.

Korean Lake

Korean Lake (Image by BING Photography)

I stand within the unknown, and somehow I wish to cross over to where there would be the another unknown. What a stranger feeling, yet I don’t feel any discomfort from it, or perhaps – I just don’t realize it – yet.

I felt like walk calmly everyday, to somewhere where the stories of my life are kept.

Come here without wondering what lies beyond.

Perhaps it would be a waste if I throw away my curiosity, the source of all this energy to move forward. I’d like to explore each branches of my life, and not only hiding within the shadows of my past.


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