The Blank Words

The world have been filled with so much words, in poetry, in hymn, in a letter that we received this morning, convey so many feeling from all over the planet. Picturing one’s motives, paths, conviction and heart.

I thinks it was something wonderful, if only words those scattered all over the Gaia is blessing with natural sincerity within.

For some people, perhaps words are just mere tool to help them build the world around them, to achieve prestige and so on. I would not offense such a thing, since it almost happens everyday around us. Maybe, on some short of understanding, words are just a tool in the end.

But even words then becomes a conveyer of one’s most precious feeling, even without realising it. Say…, a simple sentence like “I love you”, would be words beyond any human understanding can stand on, or any mere tool can achieve.

Then, there are words without any voices, words which are as equal as a very deep stillness. Those words emerged from the complete understanding of life and everything around them, words than can feel by anything which has the equal capability to understanding everything in wholeness, not just only as life frictions.

Those words shall not be found anywhere above this Earth, but you might meet them someday, when you are ready. The blanks words of life, where you can put your most honest feeling within the gracious space.


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