Are The Sky Too High

Have you ever woke up in the morning with sunshine from a higher ground already touching your eyes? The warm light is shining brightly just like calling you…. But wait! Is not about you going to leave this mortal world in early morning. Wherever you see the vast sky, even from a mere window, we [...]

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Little Sky and Big Flower

Sometime, and some other many times, life is just (more or less) about human point of views. And all views is about understanding, or perhaps the capability of knowing and accepting things that we call as belief. So there, including what we belief as the right things and their opposite – the (perhaps) wrong things. [...]

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Colour That I Love

People may find this world so colourful, as colourful as they can pour their limitless feeling into everything around them without any hesitation, without any fear. Since their honest love are the very colour of this world itself. Colourful things around us, what are they exactly? How can they cherish us, or how can they [...]

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The Blank Words

The world have been filled with so much words, in poetry, in hymn, in a letter that we received this morning, convey so many feeling from all over the planet. Picturing one’s motives, paths, conviction and heart. I thinks it was something wonderful, if only words those scattered all over the Gaia is blessing with [...]

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