Merry Christmas 2010

Last year, there was someone special who shared a Christmas moment with me. We have so much dreams – our dreams I would say for that very blissful moment. I think, if there is something called as happiness – it has to be that very moment we spend together. Then I found time created different [...]

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A Birthday Wish

I was just a half sleep a moment ago, I’ve been tired for whole this day. Then my phone rang from bellow my pillow, I can’t see clearly – my eyes still half opened – but I’m sure the number wasn’t registered. I was about to reject it, but something spoke strongly from within that [...]

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Happy Independence Day

Today Republic of Indonesia entering its 65th Independence Day celebration. I would have nothing much to say, since I gave nothing much yet to this country. But let me have a word, let me have a wish. Let this country, let the people, live in harmony, peace, and togetherness. I wish people learn from a [...]

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