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Balinese Girl

Time surely changes everything around us, including how the society and personal response to their life questions. I am not living in the past, but perhaps part of my soul trapped there. The ancient wisdom is the mainstream of today life architecture, well at least that should be the reflection of Balinese culture.

There is an unwritten idea, but a (good-natured?)  concept that Balinese should meet the Balinese. This very idea has made a lot of questions addressed to me, why didn’t I try to meet a Balinese girl?

Ah, I don’t like debate for nothing.

Balinese girl # 12

A simple answer would be, “I am yet to meet a Balinese girl, for all I have met are modern ladies from Bali.”

A local wisdom is not something that someone can gain by born there, this heritage neither can be achieve by living there. It is a blessing that given when the time comes, and when you are ready for it. A Balinese girl is the conveyer of this wise heritage.

Yes, I am looking forward to meet a Balinese girl.


Simply said, enlightenment is eat when you hungry, and sleep when you sleepy. Enlightenment is not something written on the book, chanted time over time, or standing high in the sacred grounds. You can’t seek enlightenment, but it is there.

You can create peace, where the enlightenment isn’t. You can meet enlightenment, where the peace isn’t.


One has broken the cycle, attained freedom from desire. The dried-up stream no longer flows. The cycle, broken, no longer turns. This, just this, is the end of misery.

Udana 7.62.

Happy Vesakha Day.

Life is One

Tonight, I get a mail from a far away friend, George Stefanakis. He sent me a link to his new uploaded video in YouTube. I never met him personally, but we know by chance on the same – I forgot, perhaps – one or two talk about K‘s works.

When I opened the and listen to his music – Life is One, it’s very nice, so I decide to share it here.

And here is the lyrics:

Life is one.
It has no beginning, no end,
The source and the goal live in your heart.
You are caught up
In the darkness of its wide chasm.
Life has no creed, no belief,
It is of no nation of no sanctuary,
Not bound by birth or by death,
Neither male nor female.
Can you bind the “waters in a garment? Or “gather the wind in your fists?
Answer fried,
Drink at the fountain of life,
I will show the way.
The mantle of life covers all thinks.

Well, I love it. But more than the song, I believe Mr. Stefanakis would like for us to get the message.

Little Globes of Natural Happiness

A long time ago, and I really think it was a long time ago. I have had always this thing in my mind, a question – just a small question, without any answer, since it has no answer. Yet I had no answer, nor I have any urge to find any answer.

Life is so flimsy, one answer perhaps able to support it, and another shall make it crumble – even they were the very same answer you gave to it.

After Rain on Flickr

It just as a simple scenery after the rain, you can find rain drops everywhere. Perhaps you were wondering how the drops got over there – everywhere? How about their journey was in the sky? And all the question you can pick freely from each drop of the rain.

But there is no answer for all those questions, because you weren’t there when all those happened. If there are some answers, perhaps they come from your knowledge, your memories, your way of thinking, your hypothesis – everything that are not genuine experience, everything but not the life itself.

Seeing all this, I say to myself, let the drops fall, just watch it passionately just as you watch the most dear one.

Without a word, they are the little globes of natural happiness.

If you really watch, and just watch, perhaps you shall met the life itself. The life which is living, which is pure, which is genuine. The life that has no past no future, no beginning nor has an end. When you meet the life itself, all the questions shall stop there – just like that.


A Little Sanctuary A Little Happiness

In this life, what do people aim, wish, search, and so on? A friend ever said to me, that she wanted to become rich, so she can offer her parents with good houses; other spook to me that he wanted to become rich, so he can work to serve humanity with less burden, so he can help more people with less worry. So I said, then be rich to both of them.

Yes, being capable to share with others, someone must rich. If you have nothing, then, there is nothing to share.

If you are rich in money, so you can share them. If you are rich in knowledge, yes – you can share them. If you are rich in wisdom, just share them. And, if you are rich in happiness, obviously you can share them. So why not, being rich is not a bad thing.

Bavaria Snow

But, how about being poor? Someone can not share anything by being poor, can he? Yes, you can not give anyone anything if you have none. Which is make nobody bother you for something if you walk your way down the street, since you has nothing.

If you are poor of money, you can start to work; but if you can work because of you lack of knowledge or skill, you can start to learn; then, if you can find anything seems fit for you, you can start to acknowledge which bring wisdom in to your front door.  Which means, if you are poor, then you can freely start to live, to move, to dance, to sing, to everything you never has before, just like the world are a new.

If you are rich, you can fill the world with anything you has; if you are poor you can let the world fill you with everything it has. If you are rich and yet poor, perhaps you are already in perfection. If you can fill and be filled freely, perhaps you are already the within the Shambhala, the land of enlightenment.

If you can perceive this form and formless talk even a little, then perhaps you are a little sanctuary, a little happiness.