The Magnificent Zoot Suit Seven: Built for Speed

Just like the terminator once promised, a certain Leonardo has returned and this time he's been built for speed! Yes, you read correctly, the Jakartan singer/songwriter has released a new album, Built to Race. Leonardo, who used to go solo troubadour-style, has expanded into an institution of seven and named his new group Leonardo and His Impeccable Six. Once upon a time, circa his 2010's The Sun album Leonardo was more of an adult contemporary, Jeff Buckley-esque, Tom Waits-ish composition kind of guy. This latest record sees him evolve into a zoot-suit era swing/jazz/rockabilly persona.

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Superman Is Dead: Anarchy for the Nation

One gig after another, Superman Is Dead is constantly on the road, almost always away from home and, thus, until recently, the Bali-born and raised three-chord combatants have had next to zero spare time to get their heavily tattoo’d arses back into the recording studio. The last time the Kuta boys released an album, Angels and The Outsiders, was in February 2009. That was four years ago, a figure which represents the longest interval between albums in the entire history of their career. Well, the good news that you’ve been waiting for has been and gone. Yes, the wait is over, because, just few weeks ago, otherwise described as this October just gone, the biggest punk rock band in Indonesia smacked us with their latest opus: Sunset di Tanah Anarki.

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