Little Big Fellows

Perhaps I don’t know the real reasoning behind everything in this universe, just like, why everything are always different, not only time by time, but also by the present time – nothing is same. Including us, we people has a lot of different thing one each other. And then, this differentiation has become a nature [...]

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Denpasar Bike Festival 2010

Samas Denpasar (Sekretariat Bersama Sepeda) akan menggelar acara Festival Sepeda dengan nama Denpasar Bike Fest. Acara ini juga bertepatan dengan hari jadi Samas Denpasar yang pertama. Denpasar Bike Fest akan diadakan pada tanggal 13-15 Agustus 2010 yang akan dipusatkan di … Continue reading

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Government, Internet and Pornographic

The Indonesian government wish to block access internet access into sites that contain pornographic materials, as said by the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information. Obviously I think it is not an easy goal to achieve, as well as we know that internet just like a dense mazes of all kinds information, both useful one and [...]

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