Training A Dragon?

Last night I watched this animated movie, “How To Train Your Dragon”, it is not a new movie, but still fascinating watching it, especially in high-definition. Dragons are fabulous creatures between myths and legends, almost all Eurasian have a legendary scripts about dragons or dragon-like creatures. If you talk about fantasy worlds, bed time stories, [...]

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Open for life

One doesn’t seem always know, neither understand how to open his or herself for this life. Sometimes we do really hiding our self from life, but only if we see that life & our self were quite different matters. "When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no [...]

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Breaking the heart down

DUAEHV88FWC5 Have ever see someone tried so hard to break someone else’ heart down? Somehow, he/she wish that person to hate him/her back. I really don’t understand, why you need to do that? If its about feeling, you can’t just push someone to like you neither you can do them to hate you in the [...]

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Understanding one self

Before you walk through and start blaming others, maybe you should stop for a moment, and look upon a mirror of your heart. Have you now, walk on the right path? Have your heart agreed fully for everything you stand for now? This question have to be answered, so one could understand one self. Doris [...]

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