A Fallen Shadow

Don’t push it too hard I said to myself, since the closest you move to a light source, a bigger shadow shall come for those you left far behind. If you find an enlightenment just for yourself, then you let the word stay in darkness. Unfortunately for you my friend, you find unmovable source of […]

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I Fear

I fear not the world that left me behind, I fear not that I left the world behind. I fear, a simple woke up that strangled within a masked face. I am a sun that doesn’t fear lost a day, I am the day that doesn’t fear has no sun. The heaven may calls me, […]

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The Light isn’t Coming Near

How many times we felt trapped, not within a physical boundaries, but within our own incapability? Desperately hope for a way out, but only death ends those await. Perhaps there is a hope, glimmering softly on the far side; just like sitting by the night windows and seeing the moon just about within our reach, […]

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