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Jangan Takut, Virus itu Tidak Menular ke Manusia

Kasus kematian ternak babi membuat sebagian masyarakat takut mengkonsumsi DAGING BABI yang berdampak terhadap turunnya penjualan daging babi. Selain itu adanya anggapan jika banyak babi sakit atau mati yang dijual menambah ketakutan masyarakat yang sebagian mengaku berhenti mengkonsumsi daging babi untuk sementara waktu. Bagaimana sesungguhnya? Amankah? TIDAK hanya pedagang di pasar yang mengaku penjualannya sepi sejak […]

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Moving Out Cleaning – The Landlord Guide

Moving Out Cleaning – The Landlord Guide. When you leave your house, it is one of your responsibility to leave the space to future owners or tenants. If you leave a house messy, dirty or littered with waste, it can cause problems as well as future expenses.

With that in mind, the moving out cleaning services in Singapore want to stop you from paying the price for messing up your old home. Here we have mentioned essential reasons why you need to plan the moving out cleaning perfectly.

Moving Out Cleaning – The Landlord Guide – Advantages of Professional moving out cleaning service:


Avoid fines

If you leave an apartment in Singapore that you have lived for several years, you probably have too many things to clean. In most homes, there are strict guidelines for removing items and you might even need to pay fines for leaving items in your home after the lease expires. Moving out cleaning services will ensure that the room is clean and empty, and you’ll save a considerable amount of your hard-earned cash.

Maintain your reputation

If you have sold your home for the new owners to move in, you would want them to feel comfortable. This is probably the most important purchase they will make. Give them no reason to feel embarrassed because of any objects that are not cleaned or emptied by professionals. In fact, you want new tenants to praise the previous owners and the home buying process in general. Maintain your reputation by booking a professional cleaning service for the move-out.

Manage difficult tasks


Some cleaning tasks are not difficult to manage if you have excellent cleaning equipment and serious skills or knowledge. Some jobs also need the right chemicals. Using too many chemicals can damage what you are supposed to clean, and they can even be dangerous. Moreover, if you use chemicals that are not powerful enough, you can barely make any progress. In fact, you will end up spending more money on the equipment and accessories than if you would have hired professionals to take care of your cleaning project.

For example, it can be difficult to clean an oven given that it requires a lot of time and energy. When you are in the middle of relocation it is not justified to get distracted from any issue whatsoever. The same applies to the difficult spots on your carpets. A professional cleaning service is much more equipped to remove stains on carpets without damaging or discoloring them. This is a great achievement for the person who is moving out because changing the carpet can be very expensive in the long run.

Saves time and energy

Many cleaning tasks have one thing in common and it is that they all need time and energy. If you move from one flat to another, these are the two things you cannot have in abundance. In this case, simply use a professional cleaning service to accomplish the process and you need not worry about it at all. The time and energy you save are usually worth the cost of moving out cleaning service.

Makes the landlord happy


You may not consider returning to an apartment of this particular landlord, but it is still not a good idea to make him or her discontented. Leaving a dirty apartment will undoubtedly annoy someone and reduce your chances of getting a good referral. Do not let a dirty department smear your reputation.

100% peace of mind

It’s a big deal. Moving can be stressful, and taking advantage of a professional cleaning service removes an important burden from your to-do list. You do not have to wonder how long it will take or if you can do something about this mysterious spot in the bathtub. Most professional cleaners have done it previously, and so you can be sure they’ll do your job properly on time.

Offers new residents a fresh start

There is nothing worse than going to a new place enthusiastically only to find out that you need to clean up. Give new tenants a fresh start by hiring a professional or professionals who will perform the cleaning chore impeccably. This is a good sign for the new residents and it also offers you more time and energy to focus on your new abode.



Wherever you move, you want your new room to be clean and fresh. Why not pay and offer the same fortune to the new tenants of your old house? Hope these benefits mentioned above will motivate you to contact a competent cleaning company in Singapore!

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Segera Atasi Luka Jangan Sampai Menjadi Infeksi

Untuk menghindari potensi infeksi, penyembuhan luka perlu dilakukan segera. Proses penanganan luka juga perlu dilakukan secara tepat agar luka bisa sembuh secara optimal dalam waktu yang cepat. Obat luka bakar knalpot bisa menjadi salah satu opsi yang jitu untuk mengatasi berbagai luka seperti luka bakar. Disamping melakukan pengobatan secara cepat dan tepat, dalam proses penyembuhan […]

4 Best Cleaning Companies in Singapore

4 Best Cleaning Companies in Singapore. Almost everyone wants to have their surroundings neat and clean with utmost tidiness.

Anyone can hire these services on a per individual basis. It can be done according to the square foot measurement of the space that you want to get done. Or on an hourly basis.

Here we list down some of the best and most valuable cleaning services in Singapore

4 Best Cleaning Companies in Singapore – Auntie Cleaner

They are perhaps the most sought out among all other professional cleaners in Singapore. No matter what your cleaning requirements are, they’re there to make sure that everything is in order.


Cleaning services that you get with Auntie Cleaner Singapore are:

  • Spring cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Housekeeping services
  • Part-time maid
  • Contract cleaning
  • Ironing services, etc.

4 Best Cleaning Companies in Singapore – @bsolute cleaning Singapore


@bsolute Cleaning is among the best cleaning services that you can get in Singapore. As the company offers a lot of useful features for all their customers.

The professional cleaning service uses the simplest methods to quickly clean your space. They provide a lot of services in their packages. Like part-time maid, aircon cleaning, carpet cleaning. You can simply select the best possible service that suits you.

They are available 24/7.

They have their own equipment for cleaning and you won’t need to have any extra equipment

You can easily reach them on their website.

E Home cleaning

The Singaporean Company E Home Services can offer the best in class services for house cleaning services.


With E Home Services, the job is taken care of by professionals with the best equipment.

The company has been recommended by a lot of other individuals and organizations. E Home cleaners are available for you anytime and anyplace.

Spring cleaners Singapore


Springcleaning.com.sg Pte Ltd ensures a cleaning material is available for a certain cleaning space. As all spaces get cleaned easily without taking a lot of time. Spring Cleaning is something that you’d look to get a total value for your money.

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How to Get Rid of Toilet Flies

There’s nothing as disgusting as a toilet full of flies. Although they’re innocent and just looking for food, you don’t exactly want to be the one feeding them. The situation can even be worse in latrines. Drain flies are the most common flies that invade toilets, sinks, and sewers. Have you struggled with getting rid of flies from your toilet? Well, that must have been awful.

Now, is it possible to completely keep flies off your toilet? Of course, it is. You can actually get rid of them and even prevent them from ever coming back. Here are some amazing tips on how to do it. Stay tuned.

1. Set a trap
Did you know that you can actually catch all the flies in your toilet? Well, it’s very possible. You just need to set a trap. There are commercial traps that you can buy from the store. Unfortunately, some may be harmful to you too. The safest way is to make your own trap at home. Check this out.
Make a warm solution of 5 spoonfuls of sugar and pour it in a bowl. You can also use a funnel or just a tin. Make sure the solution is very concentrated. As it becomes colder, it will become sticky and that’s where the trap comes from. Place the bowl strategically in your toilet and watch the flies land and stick on it. You can also add some vinegar in the solution.

2. Clean the toilet
In most cases, flies are attracted to dirty surfaces. That’s where they get their food. Organic decaying matter is what flies feed on. Therefore, cleaning your toilet thoroughly is a sure way of removing any organic matter present.

To make the cleaning more effective, make sure you use Bio-Clean to wash the toilet surfaces, including the drain. It is a natural product that is completely non-toxic. It is made specifically to eat away all organic matter; exactly what your toilet needs. Once you clean it well, flies will automatically migrate to somewhere else. They just can’t stand a clean environment.

3. Apply an insect space spray
Sometimes, flies hover in the air inside the toilet instead of just resting somewhere and feasting on organic matter. Applying a space spray can help a big deal. Simply wear a mask over your nose and use a spray bottle to spray the liquid. Aim on the toilet roof, walls, and the space. Once you’ve sprayed, close the door for about 20 minutes. You can then open it and make sure your house is perfectly ventilated.

This spray helps in killing any flies present. It also disinfects the area such that no other flies can survive in there. You can repeat this once every week. 

4. Use a bug vacuum
This is a very effective way of getting rid of flies from your toilet. It is just like a small vacuum cleaner which operates on batteries. Once you turn it on, the motor starts running and a negative pressure is exerted on the surrounding.

Since flies are very light, the vacuum simply pulls them into the adhesive surface inside the cleaner. Some bug vacuums can kill the flies through dehydration while others don’t harm them. In case you don’t want them harmed, you can simply transfer them to another place. This means you’ll have to use a harmless vacuum bug. 

This method can remove flies in a matter of minutes; or even seconds. The hidden ones may survive though. 

5. Use flypapers to trap the flies
In case making a fly trap seems a bit boring, you can go for flypapers. These are adhesive papers which attract flies and trap them. One disadvantage about them is that they can easily entangle on your body. Hence, make sure you hang them in somehow hidden or inaccessible places. 

All flies in your toilet will end up on the flypaper. Once all have stuck there, you can now take the papers and dispose them together with the flies. Be careful not to get the papers stuck on you. Repeating this regularly can leave you with a cool toilet free of flies.

To wrap up, flies can be a huge nuisance. Don’t even mention them in the kitchen. That’s a different story altogether. They aren’t so bad in the toilet. In fact, they are harmless; they don’t bite. However, having them in large numbers can be awful. These awesome tips can help you get rid of toilet flies and remain with a sparkling clean toilet. They also work for other places like kitchen and outdoors. Try them.

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