Movie Review : Crazy, Stupid, Love

Udah lama ga update movie nih. Di klinik lagi sepi, jadinya nonton Crazy,Stupid,Love. It’s a fun family movie. Ceritanya tentang sebuah keluarga bahagia dengan 3 orang anak, a nanny and “one night stand” man yang somehow, everyone’s pursuit their happiness. Emily (Jullian Moore) ingin bercerai dengan suaminya Cal (Steve Carell) karena telah berselingkuh dengan rekan […]

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I See The Light

Tonight, I watch again this old animation about a girl with her dream to see the flying lights. Its bringing back so much memory. I think since the storyline so sincere. But beside the movie itself, I love the song “I see the light” from the scene when Rapunzel and Eugene seeing the flying lanterns. [...]

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