Restless Mind

When a restless mind comes, I don’t want just to stay still. I want to dance with the rain, I want to walk within the wind. When a restless mind comes, I just can’t let myself being alone. When a restless mind comes, I share no happiness nor sadness, I receive no right nor obligation. [...]

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The Simplicity I Love

I do love everything just being simple, perhaps since I am a complicated person. If I put something more complicated into my life, it would ruin everything. So a minimal exposure of complicated matters would be my policy, whether inside or outside. But the simplicity I love doesn’t mean has nothing within, neither has no [...]

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Seeing Through Nothing

Perhaps you ever heard someone were asking to meet a professional that can help him for some personal problems, like stress maybe. “I need to find my physiatrist, I can find the way out of my burden right now.” Yes, something like that perhaps a close example, or maybe a simple ask for a friend’s [...]

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