The Light isn’t Coming Near

How many times we felt trapped, not within a physical boundaries, but within our own incapability? Desperately hope for a way out, but only death ends those await. Perhaps there is a hope, glimmering softly on the far side; just like sitting by the night windows and seeing the moon just about within our reach, […]

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I See The Light

Tonight, I watch again this old animation about a girl with her dream to see the flying lights. Its bringing back so much memory. I think since the storyline so sincere. But beside the movie itself, I love the song “I see the light” from the scene when Rapunzel and Eugene seeing the flying lanterns. [...]

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People – I think – prefer to walk in path that full of light, a charming path if I may say so. People love when everything look so clear, so certain instead – well, I’d love it too obviously. People has an amazing mind function to make a kind of judgment that something is certain, [...]

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When morning light trespasses my roof

There was warm and soft wave touch my dream before I realize my room even brighter than my heart. Morning always has an unique flavor to bring this warm feeling a living life out thee, and within myself. I remember a simple quote, "Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive… [...]

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