My Smiling Cloud

When the last time I look over the blue bright sky? – I ask myself. Silently sitting alone under the vast sky, but only desperately look at the bottom of life. The life above there, was long forgotten. What is a dream? – Did I make any meaningful accomplishment in this life? – And so […]

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Story of My Life

I don’t believe there would be someone has any interest in other life story if not that story has a charm. If they have no interest, then they would far from understanding those stories out there. But how about my own story of my life? There is no better story than my life – at […]

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A Love to Hate

He is not a sage, or perhaps did not ever declare himself as a sage. But he simply mentioned, “If by loving God, people start to hate each other, then that very love is nothing but a falseness.” In the name of love, God, religion, culture, norm, law, or anything – we can hate others […]

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