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Rudolf Dethu Showbiz and RMBL present:

A Night of Swing Boogie & Rockabilly Revue!

Thursday, 23 March 2017
Noname Bar, Lebak Bulus
Ticket Rp50k incl. beer

RUDOLF DETHU 2016-12-28 04:53:42

Unit Swing asal Jakarta, Leonardo & His Impeccable Six, baru saja meluncurkan single Natal terbaru mereka bertajuk “Hari Kita”.

Selain klaim sebagai “tembang Swing tampan, urban, dilumuri cologne wangi jeruk sepoi-sepoi ringan”, ada beberapa hal menarik yang pantas disimak.

Menurut Leonardo Ringo, biduan dan gitaris, ini merupakan langkah gagah beraninya untuk kembali menulis lirik dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Terakhir ia melakukannya pada 2001 seraya koar-koar ke publik tak bakal menulis lirik berbahasa Indonesia lagi hingga akhir hayatnya. Kenapa demikian? “Norak, kampungan, jijik, katrok.”

Bulan Desember 2016 sungguhlah bersejarah bagi Leo. Pria yang juga berprofesi sebagai penyiar radio ini melanggar sumpahnya sendiri−tanpa sesal, malah bangga. Sebab ternyata lagu berlirik Bahasa Indonesia bisa terdengar keren.
Lalu, septet bentukan tahun 2010 ini sengaja membuat tembang bernada riang. Selain karena Natal yang cukup identik dengan suasana gembira, pula sehubungan dengan situasi negeri yang membikin ngeri. Hasutan kebencian bertaburan di medsos, api intoleransi yang terus membesar, konflik berbau SARA bak tiada berkesudahan. Leo dkk berharap semoga “Hari Kita” bisa membawa dampak positif, menjunjung kembali perdamaian antar sesama anak bangsa, lalu riang ria berdansa.

Pun polah Leonardo & His Impeccable Six sedikit melenceng dari kebiasaan musisi kebanyakan yang umumnya menyanyikan ulang lagu-lagu Natal klasik. The Magnificent Gigolos Seven memilih mengkreasi komposisi yang sama sekali baru.

Mari rayakan Natal, salam-salaman, suka cita, sebab ini hari kita!

• Lagu “Hari Kita” kini sudah bisa didengar di Spotify, atau unduh di iTunes serta Amazon!

Leonardo and His Impeccable Six “Hari Kita”
Written by Leonardo Ringo.
Arranged by Leonardo and His Impeccable Six.
Recorded at Streight Studio
Mixed by Diaz Sugeng and Adrian Martadinata
Mastered by Adrian Martadinata​
Label: RDS Recordings

Contact person: Rudolf Dethu
E. [email protected]
M. +628111882502
W. www.leonardoimpeccablesix.com
F. www.facebook.com/HisImpeccableSix

Domestic Groove: AIMEE SARAH

Photo: Fachrul Rachman

Photo: Fachrul Rachman

Singer, Songwriter, Actress

What music are you into at the moment?
“I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (but I also like the version of Nina Simone, She & Him). This is one of the best songs ever made. Simple and straight to the heart.

“The Man Who Sold the World” by David Bowie. First time I heard this song was sung by Nirvana at the infamous MTV Unplugged performance, instantly fell in love with it, and when I found out—not recently though—that it was originally by Bowie, this version is even better and timeless.

“You Do Something to Me”– Ella Fitzgerald. Something mystical and whimsical about Cole Porter’s lyric especially this song.

“Chelsea Hotel” by Lana Del Rey. What more can you get than a classic folk tune sung by the most beautiful vocalist today with a distinct character.

What was the first record you bought—any interesting story behind it?
I wasn’t given enough allowance from my parents back then to buy a record. Kalau beli harus bareng mereka (so it doesn’t count). Mostly borrowed record from friends, but when I secretly saved up some money, I bought the record of Ella Fitzgerald, Pure Ella: The Very Best Of, which has a track of her live performance in Berlin singing “Mack The Knife” and I was just enthralled and so drawn into her voice. I think not long after I bought this album I was asked to join a big band ensemble in high school. Weird.


What are your all-time favourite albums? Why?
Pink Martini, Sympathique and Hang on Little Tomato.
After that hit song “Sympathique” from the debut album, I fell in love completely with this band or more like a mini orchestra I’d say. Tough choice because after their debut, the next album didn’t stop to fascinate me! Love both albums that are enjoyable, sing-able, even with different languages the melodies are so catchy! Listening to their songs (first time) made me believe to dream of something. For instance, the song “Amado Mio” from the album Sympathique, I have always wondered what it would feel to sing on stage and dance under the spotlight; or “Aspettami” from the album Hang on Little Tomato, with that powerful lyrics only accompanied by a guitar as instrumentation. They have created such sincere work that touches the heart of mine. It’s because of these albums I began to write lyrics, well, had the courage to write song lyrics.

Gotan Project, La Revancha Del Tango.
Sampai sekarang masih terus gue puter kapanpun apalagi kalau gue lagi banyak pikiran. It’s like Django Reindhart, Stephane Grapelli meets Astor Piazzolla and they collaborate. It’s like tango music in a modern package. Gue juga udah selalu tertarik sama tarian Tango dan iramanya yang begitu eksotis. Kerennya dari album ini walaupun kebanyakan instrumental tapi kita tetap bisa ngerasain emosi dari musik yang disampaikan. Sensual, erotic with a class of sophistication.

Madonna, Ray of Light.
Ok for Madge fans out there, we know that all her albums are all great and no matter what will support her work. But for me this album is her most mature, well compiled in every track but still pushing the button…softly. I mean she already has numerous #1 hits but she was able to maintain her musicality without changing her vocal character. Ini salah satu album Madonna yang dimana setiap track ngga ada yang ngga enak dan semua music, lyric gampang dicerna tapi tetap berbobot dan dinyanyiin. If you are talking about the Queen of Pop then there is no other Madonna.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Phantom of The Opera (with Sarah Brightman dan Michael Crawford)
Yang adalah musikal pertama yang saya tonton dan langsung jatuh cinta. Walaupun unsur classic opera-nya kuat namun tetap bisa dinikmati, tidak terlalu berat and “very entertaining”. This album made me want to learn vocal technically alias mimpi bisa dapet suara soprano.

What was the worst record you ever purchased?
I don’t remember any. I am pretty wise about which record I am about to purchase. However, once I love the artist so much even if the music changes as it evolves, I’d still buy it.

Who do you want to be, other than yourself, next time you reincarnate?
I am ok with myself and where I am now but a bit taller next time I reincarnate would be nice.

What book are you reading now and what’s the score (1-10)?
Chuck Palahniuk, Diary. Banyak yang bilang kalau mau baca buku dia mulai dari Fight Club dulu. Tapi kalau gue udah nonton filmnya, sayang kalau baca bukunya lagi karena udah terkontaminasi imajinasinya, karakternya dan udah kena spoilernya kan. Gue baru selesein buku Palahniuk yang Choke which left my mouth gaping. But seems that Diary will make me fall in love deeper. It’ll be my favorite Palahniuk’s novel so far because of its flowing storyline, details and very thrilling. Such a page-turner sampe bikin sesek nafas! I’d give it a 9.5, karena belum baca ending-nya.

What new movie should people see? Why?
Man from U.N.C.L.E. I mean besides the fact that Henry Cavill is in it other than he’s drop-dead-gorgeous, envy of every men (I’m sure) and one of the new great actors out there, not acting as Superman. Also it is directed by Guy Ritchie, taken scenes from the 60s, filled with action and a bit of dark comedy. Just by looking at the posters and casts I am so psyched to watch this. I mean conspiracy and espionage in the old days are just hot. Not to mention the costumes AND scoring. Liat trailernya aja bikin penasaran mau nonton.


What song do you choose to start your weekend?
“Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” by Urge Overkill
Because it makes me want to have a diner kind of cheeseburger, fries and milkshake with a cherry on top, then burn a ciggy after; just like Mia Wallace.

“Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse
When I just want to close my eyes yet still don’t want to get out of bed and wake up from a sweet dream.

“Witchcraft” by Frank Sinatra
My getting ready to dress up and get out of the house song as if I am Ava Gardner to go out for a party with Frank.

“Baby, I Love You” by The Ramones
A slightly rebellious version than the Ronettes; sort of a welcoming song for the weekend. Also, very romantic.

And song you choose to end your weekend?
“Town Without Pity” by Gene Pitney
Such a laid back, flirtatious yet so seductive it can be perfect for a striptease song.

“New York State of Mind” by Billy Joel
As if I am walking outside the streets of New York City while sipping a cuppa joe on a Sunday Morning when I it’s just my imagination.

“Midnight Sun” by Ella Fitzgerald
The letting go of all your problems in the world type of song. I feel so liberated whenever I listen to this particular tune.

“One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer” by Amos Millburn
To realize that the weekend is almost over and be like…what?? Monday is tomorrow already?? Alright one last shot of fun before a hectic morning.


Aimee is at the moment pretty busy with many different things: as a songstress, a radio announcer, and a movie actress, to name a few.

Not so long ago she launched her latest video, “Lenggang Temaram”, from her debut album Swingin’ Aimee. While her HBO-produced tv series Halfworlds—she’s the leading role—is scheduled to be released early next year. She also runs her own regular radio program at Hard Rock Radio Jakarta, The Lady Who Swings.

Leonardo & His Impeccable Six ft. Bex Reijman: Bali Tour!


5 more days, Bali! This coming Friday—and the rest of the weekend!

Let’s jump, jive, wail, an’ rockabilly-swing with Leonardo and His Impeccable Six feat. Rebecca Reijman:

• Friday, September 04, 2015, at Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub
Opening act: Ian Stevenson’s Zat Kimia
Door opens at 7pm.
Minimum donation Rp20,000.


• Saturday, September 05, 2015, at Soundrenaline – GWK
LAHIS feat. Bex Reijman on Welcoming Stage at 7.30pm.
Tickets: Rp75,000 one day pass, Rp100,000 two day pass


• Sunday, September 06, 2015, at Single Fin ~ Bali
LAHIS feat. Bex Reijman on stage at 9pm.
Opening act: Sunset Strip
Free entry!


See you katz and kittenz soon! Tchin tchin!


Aimee Saras Menjadi Pemeran Utama di Halfworlds

Selain bersenandung swing, bakat biduanita Aimee Saras lainnya adalah berakting—teater, drama musikal, dan sejenisnya. Kala ia masih tinggal di New York ia terbilang akrab dengan gono-gini Broadway. Salah satu yang menonjol, wanita bernama asli Dyah Rahmi Saraswati ini sempat selama tiga tahun memerankan Gigi di musikal Miss Saigon. Saat ia kembali ke Indonesia ia langsung terlibat di beberapa pentas teatrikal besar salah satunya Onrop garapan Joko Anwar.

Beberapa bulan belakangan ini Aimee banyak menghabiskan waktunya di Batam. Ia mesti syuting untuk serial televisi orisinil produksi HBO Asia, Halfworlds. Aimee menjadi salah satu pemeran utama dalam thriller tersebut.

Di bawah ini adalah artikel yang saya pinjam pakai dari Detikcom, mengisahkan antusiasme Aimee terlibat di produksi serial ini. Terutama karena ia memerankan seniman rajah serta nihil adegan Aimee menyanyi jazz sama sekali.
Main di ‘Halfworlds’, Aimee Saras Dapat Tantangan Baru

Nama Aimee Saras sepertinya sudah identik sebagai sosok seorang penyanyi jazz, di samping juga profesinya sebagai aktris. Ketika dapat tawaran bermain Halfworlds, Saras mengaku mendapat sebuah tantangan baru.

Halfworlds merupakan serial televisi original produksi HBO Asia yang kini sedang menjalani proses syuting. Disutradarai oleh Joko Anwar, dalam serial televisi bergenre thriller ini Saras memerankan sosok Pinung, seorang tattoo artist.

Tidak akan ada adegan menyanyi jazz dalam serial televisi ini. Itulah salah satu alasan kenapa akhirnya Aimee Saras mengambil peran Pinung dan berakting bersama beberapa nama lain seperti Salvita Decorte, Reza Rahadian, Tara Basro dan lainnya.

“Karakternya memang beda banget walaupun ada sisi yang sama, tapi karena nggak ada nyanyi dan ini pure akting,” kata Saras ketika hadir di event media junket Halfworlds di Infinite Studios, Batam, awal pekan ini.

Saras menyebut proses syuting dan karakter yang diperankannya di Halfworlds sebagai sebuah pengalaman baru. Sesuatu yang belum pernah ia lakukan di proyek-proyek terdahulu.

“Produksi HBO Asia Halfworlds ini juga jadi hal baru yang saya pelajari juga,” tutupnya.

Halfworlds merupakan produksi yang menggabungkan beberapa aktris dari negara-negara di Asia Tenggara. Selain Indonesia, Malaysia dan Singapura juga ikut ‘menyumbangkan’ aktor mereka di proyek besutan Joko Anwar tersebut.

Foto-foto yang terpampang di sini merupakan milik Fachrul Rachman, mengabadikan pentas Aimee pada 4 Juni 2015 di kediaman dubes Amerika Serikat di Menteng untuk selebrasi Independence Day.