Born Homeless

There are those who born nearly without any support to survive this harsh world. No family, no home, no food. But I never saw one born without nothing at all. Those baby stray cats just born this week within a small deserted hospital. They born on the place with zero chances of survive, some of […]

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I See in You

They’ve said that we humans are not so different each other, even essentially isn’t has any different at all, yet when we look other what are we really seeing? Did we really see the same humanity, the same joy, the same sadness, the same happiness, the same despair? Or just we see other and put [...]

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Haircut Donation

On the early morning today, I met Mr. Bergen – that’s just how people call him – a kind & polite barber which has been starting his own barber shop for years at Pandega Marta. I was asking him whether he closed his shop just like most of people do since volcanic ashes from Merapi [...]

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