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Hello again Monday. Here’s a down and dirty groove, killer rock riffs to beat the blues: Black Betty.

Many people—including me—think that this song is originally written and sung by Ram Jam. Matter of fact, thanks to Wikipedia, this 20th-century African-American work song often credited to Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter as the author, though the earliest recordings are not by him. Some sources claim it is one of Lead Belly’s many adaptations of earlier folk material, back to 18th-century.

The best known modern recordings are rock versions by Ram Jam, Sir Tom Jones, and Spiderbait, all of which were hits.

David Hackett Fischer, in his book Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America states that “Black Betty” was a common term for a bottle of whisky in the borderlands of northern England/southern Scotland, and later in the backcountry areas of the eastern United States. In January 1736, Benjamin Franklin published The Drinker’s Dictionary in the Pennsylvania Gazette offering 228 round-about phrases for being drunk. One of those phrases is “He’s kiss’d black Betty.” Other sources give the meaning of “Black Betty” in the United States as a liquor bottle.



DRINKING RESPONSIBLY—Stay Sane, Safe, and Sensible!

Sampai jumpa Jumat depan di acara temu wicara dengan sponsor utama Diageo dan berfokus pada isu mengkonsumsi minuman beralkohol secara bertanggungjawab.

Acara edukasional berpadu dengan hiburan musik ini adalah edisi ke-2 setelah sebelumnya diadakan pada pertengahan Februari lalu.

Akan hadir para nara sumber dengan beragam latar belakang:
1. Dendy Borman – Corporate Relation Director Diageo Indonesia
2. Ngurah Arya Wayushantika – District Operations for GO-CAR
3. Sugi Lanus – Founder of Hanacaraka Society
4. Venusia Indah – Music Curator and Creative at Single Fin & The Lawn
5. Brigadir Putu Vindi Mahendra – Dit Pamobvit Polda Bali

Lalu dilanjutkan dengan hiburan musik, menampilkan:
1. DJ Marlowe Bandem
2. Sendawa
3. The Hydrant

15 Mar 2019
Rumah Sanur

Ini sekaligus untuk mengenang kepergian karib tercinta kita semua, almarhum Made Indra dan Afi, yang meninggal akibat kecelakaan lalu lintas, setahun lalu.

Pasca kejadian memilukan tersebut saya beserta Ewa Wojkowska berjanji untuk menebus kesedihan dengan menyebarkan pemahaman serta kiat-kiat soal minum bertanggungjawab. Menikmati minuman beralkohol seraya selalu mawas diri.

Senang sekali kami berdua bisa menepati janji pada Made serta Afi. Setelah yang kedua ini semoga bisa terus berkeliling berbagi pengetahuan tentang minum bertanggungjawab.

Acara ini gratis dan terbuka untuk umum.

Enjoy alcohol and drink responsibly!


Today is the 38th anniversary of Difficult to Cure.

Released in 1981, this is the fifth studio album by the British hard rock band, Rainbow. The album marked the further commercialization of the band’s sound, with Ritchie Blackmore once describing at the time his appreciation of the band Foreigner.

The video here, the main single, “I Surrender”, would be the band’s highest charting single in the UK, reaching No. 3.

The album material was started with singer Graham Bonnet still in the band, getting as far as recording an early version of “I Surrender”, before Bonnet left the band due to his dissatisfaction over the material. American singer Joe Lynn Turner, formerly of Fandango was recruited and sang over already completed musical tracks. Turner stated that, because of this, he was singing in higher keys than he would do normally.

I used to own this album (in cassette format) and played it a lot, together with Foreigner’s Double Vision and Whitesnake’s Live… in the Heart of the City.

Source: Wikipedia.


38 Years ago, Bad Reputation, Joan Jett’s debut solo studio album was released.

It was originally self-released in 1980 as a self-titled album after her previous band The Runaways disbanded. It was then re-issued on Boardwalk Records in 1981 as Bad Reputation.

This album was recorded before Jett formed The Blackhearts. Some tracks include celebrity musicians such as Steve Jones and Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), also Clem Burke & Frank Infante (Blondie).

“Joan Jett’s debut album is an infectious romp through her influences, ranging from classic ’50s and ’60s rock & roll through glam rock, three-chord loud’n’fast Ramones punk, and poppier new wave guitar rock,” wrote Steve Huey for AllMusic.

Rolling Stone magazine named the album No. 36 on their 50 Coolest Albums of all Time list in 2005.

The song here, “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” is included in Bad Reputation. Back then in Bali, it was the third most popular Jett’s song after “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Crimson and Clover” (both from I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll‘s album). It is actually a cover, originally sung and written by Gary Glitter.