Run! Run! Happiness is Chasing You Down!

Ah yes, I remember again that for a lot of people, life is about pursuit of happiness. There were moment when we see people tirelessly chase their dreams, ideals, or perhaps in a simpler way – their life! Yes, you met so hard that you desperately tried everything, just to survive. And that survival would […]

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I Got Another Taz

This evening we have lunch, but before that – I never imagine if there will be a gift presented to me (well, I know its February, and I won’t get any next 14th since I am already leaving). I wonder what I got, and when I opened it, wow…! I got another Tax! Well, thanks [...]

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Merry Christmas 2010

Last year, there was someone special who shared a Christmas moment with me. We have so much dreams – our dreams I would say for that very blissful moment. I think, if there is something called as happiness – it has to be that very moment we spend together. Then I found time created different [...]

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