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The Killers ft. Johnny Marr: This Charming Man

“They say never meet your heroes, but I say that went over all right,” said The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers.

“Then Johnny Marr arrived for a version of This Charming Man—35 years after The Smiths’ only Glastonbury show. The song’s familiar jangly riff drew a huge cheer from the crowd,” reported the BBC.

Super stoked to see Johnny Marr make a surprise appearance on Saturday, 29 June 2019, at Glastonbury. They got one of the biggest singalongs of the weekend.

Brandon Flowers, he’s The Charming Man!


Video via BBC.
Text: BBC, Decade 77-87.

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This was last week, 1 June 2019, spent my Saturday night attending a great event at AB.BC building in Nusa Dua, Balinese Masters: Aesthetic DNA Trajectories of Balinese Visual Art. 35 magnificent Balinese artists exhibit their works.

The painting above, “Selalu Ada Maaf (Forgiveness) #2” (2015) currently presented in the exhibition. The work, from Agung Mangu Putra, truly delivers that, perhaps the last peaceful place on earth is in the arms of mothers, relationship we all have with the female figure in our lives, mother. It also symbolises a pardon plead from the state to a citizen.

The helplessness of the soldier—anyone of us in this matter—is further revealed by the weapon that has been surrendered to or taken away by the mother. The work was inspired by the historical event where President Soekarno bowed to his mother, Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai, before going off with Bung Hatta and Sjahrir, to give public speeches in front of thousands of supporters of independence at Waterlooplein (now Banteng Square in Jakarta).

Watch the videos and see more amazing works by the local geniuses. The exhibition will go on till 14 July 2019. Truly worth checking out, good food for the soul!


Bringin’ back Seattle Sound, sleaze rock, hair metal, and godless-glam groove!

SANUR STRIP with Steve Nanuru & ThreeSixty
Down & Dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll
Thursday, 30 May 2019
Teras Gandum – Beer Garden
Free entry

Interstate grunge songs! Bang your head! Balls to the wall!


Belum familiar dengan Pusakata tapi akrab dengan sosoknya? Ya, benar. Ia adalah Is, mantan Payung Teduh. Setelah cukup lama sirna dari skena kini Is kembali dengan identitas baru: Pusakata.

Pusakata x Rumah Sanur mempersembahkan:
Meniti Jalan Pulang — Prolog Tour Vol. 2

13 Mei 2019
19.00 WITA
Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub
HTM sukarela

Mari bersama kita temani Is meniti jalan pulang!