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MBB Working for Colorful Indonesia


by Marcel Thee

Perhaps the advent of social media opinion-purging makes a case feel more widespread than it is, but fundamentalism and proudly unadulterated discrimination seems to have done nothing but grow over the years.

With increasing outspokenness, ignorance — self-justified in the oddest of manners — can now be fully distributed with a simple tap of the “enter” or “send” buttons.

By the same token, an increasing number of rationale-pushing, socially conscious movements have increasing visibility.

One of them is Muda Berbuat Bertanggung jawab (MBB), which roughly translates as Young and Doing Responsible Things.

Photo: Mayang Schreiber.

Photo: Mayang Schreiber.

MBB describes itself as a “forum of diversity, a vessel to exchange minds, to encourage progressive thinking among youngsters — open, cultured and diverse. Proud to be different, always ‘dangerous’ while also staying responsible. Forward onto a self-determined and colorful Indonesia.”

While it is still relatively young, MBB, established by music manager Rudolf Dethu (whose CV includes the popular Balinese pop-punk group Superman is Dead), has actively taken its activities all over the country.

Open discussions, seminars, and forums are often held in public spaces, including universities, concert halls (between performances) and other places often frequented by younger audiences.

The movement’s key goal is to establish the idea of pluralism in its many forms — not just racial, sexual, or religious, but also in terms of different ideas.

Their most recent battle was against the anti-alcohol law, which sold itself as trying to save the younger generation, but MBB saw as an attack on “civil rights [where] the government controls its citizens’ personal lives”.

MBB has also fought against the Pornography Law, which Rudolf considers was established by “cavemen and those whose heads are caught within the groins. They claim to want to save the young generation but end up being counterproductive, discriminative and, in the end, they blame women for what they consider satanic behavior”.

MBB is also actively taking part in the movement against the “reclamation” of Benoa Bay in Bali, which its supporters claim is about rejuvenating Bali but is in actuality a process of urbanizing one of the rare places still undamaged by commercialization.

Hot issue: Forum MBB aims to encourage progressive and critical thinking among young Indonesians.

Hot issue: Forum MBB aims to encourage progressive and critical thinking among young Indonesians.

Rudolf himself, who is clearly frustrated, takes part as speaker in many of MBB’s discussions, for which he also invites other speakers from different backgrounds and discipline.

“From these discussions, I could see how many of the younger generation aren’t aware that their civil liberties are being trampled upon,” he says, explaining that MBB tries to inform its audience that by not speaking out against these attacks, they are unwittingly letting the government into their most private spaces.

In time, Rudolf suggests, the government might as well decide what its people are allowed to eat, who to date, what time people are allowed to make phone calls.

“The country will continue to consider its citizens as being dumb and in need of constant, detailed control.”

As such, Rudolf is very much aware about the government’s and religion’s grip over its people.

“MBB was bred out of my restlessness with fundamentalist and Taliban-styled [beliefs], which is growing strong in this country — especially amongst youngsters,” he said.

“I was bothered that kids, who since they were young were controlled, told what not to do, choose to be so uncritical. Why would they want to voluntarily be restrained? What’s the use of being educated, or to have read books or articles, traveled afar, if so?”

MBB during the discussion at Salihara, late 2015. | Photo: Maggy Horhoruw

MBB during the discussion at Salihara, late 2015. | Photo: Maggy Horhoruw

It hasn’t been easy. MBB has been accused, ironically, of discriminating against certain beliefs, including those who claim that their Muslim belief justifies the restriction of what is considered pornography, which in reality is simple sexism bordering on misogyny.

“In their essence, Indonesians are warm, friendly, helpful and easy to get along with, but because of the low level of education and the incompetence of the government in taking care of its diverse set of citizens, people are easily roused by those they consider smart and/or religious. And, as such, those kinds of Indonesians turn violent — even to the level of murder. Why? Because they think they are doing religious work.”

Rudolf’s background in music means that he often utilizes musicians whose image of being “cool” can help get the attention of youngsters. He hopes to liberate minds through the power of music.

“Music transcends everything — the color of your skin, your religion, race, your background,” he says.


• Original article: MBB Working for Colorful Indonesia
• The third photo on this page is taken from Facebook. Owner unknown.

Homegrown & Well Known: I WAYAN “GENDO” SUARDANA


He’s done some horrific time in a filthy Kerobokan prison cell, receives death threats more regularly than an granny has afternoon tea with her friends and yes, this activist turned lawyer admits that he often gets scared. And although he might slow down when he does, he never gives up. One foot in front of the next, this man against the machine is intellectually armed and dangerous.

Back in the early days, you were protesting mostly about social injustice and political offence, but today you seem to have shifted your focus to environmental problems. What made you migrate from bigger to smaller issues?
Ha! No, no, there’s no such thing as migrating issues in what I’ve been doing. It’s interesting you ask that though because, in the past, the public may have noticed me more for my work in the areas of social injustice, political crimes, and human rights but, for me, all these things are interconnected. Beginning with my days as a student activist, when the passion I have for such issues first ignited, the environment began to play heavily on my mind, and today it remains as significant an issue as ever. Remember me campaigning against the Serangan Island and Padanggalak Beach land reclaim issues, Pemaron’s coal fired power station and so forth?

You see, when you dig deeper, you’ll find that underneath the environmental disputes there are always so many more complex issues; it’s inevitably so much bigger! Don’t get me wrong, in many cases it’s still about environmental justice because a big part of human rights is that the people should share a basic right to live in a clean and well-respected environment.

How bad a disaster is Bali’s environment? Who do you think should be responsible for all this ecological degradation?
Based on environmental research data, the natural environment here in Bali is already on the brink, you might say ravished to ruin. We need to take urgent positive action if we are to have a chance at turning this destruction around because each day Bali’s wound gets wider and becomes more obvious. If my words don’t have an impact, the following statistics might shock some of you into action:

For starters, the Minister for the Environment has predicted that Bali will soon be in the midst of a severe water crisis, requiring as much as 27.6 billion cubic meters per year by 2015. Based on this need, the Environmental Agent of Bali Province recently released a statement explaining that by 2015 Bali will be water deficit.

You might also like to keep in mind that, here in Bali, we have 162 rivers, and 34 of them are in a critical condition. Destruction has, and continues to be predominantly caused by the development of tourism facilities like hotels and restaurants along river edges, as well as thanks to the regular removal of river rocks, which are popular material for stone carvings.

With regard to forest areas, the Environmental Research Centre at Udayana University suggests that only 27.3 percent of Bali forested land remains, approximately 127 hectares of coverage, and at least 18.4 percent of this is in super bad condition. By October 2007, forest fires had burnt through 264.3 hectares, and at least ten cases of illegal logging and other forms of forest mutilation had destroyed 12,720.856 hectares.

And then we come to Bali’s infamous beaches. I bet you don’t realise that it has been officially acknowledged that there’s at least 140 spots of abrasion on the coastal lines of Bali and the Environmental Agent of Bali province has confirmed that there are 13 significant water pollution sites.

On top of this, Bali is also threatened by seawater intrusion. In Southern parts of Bali, like Pemogan and Sesetan, this seawater intrusion has reached 100 meters below sea level. This intrusion problem is spreading quickly; in Denpasar intrusion has a depth of around 25 meters but, you watch, it’s not going to take long to reach a more critical point. And it’s the same story for North Bali too.

Does this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? It shouldn’t, it’s awful and I have oh so much more data that I could share but it would take up all the pages of this magazine to list them all so, long story short, Bali is racing in the fast lane, racing down the highway to hell.

You asked me who should be responsible for this catastrophe? I’d have to say that it’s nobody but the government. The nation, the state, the government! I think it’s their responsibility to promote, to protect, and to fulfill the people’s basic rights to a decent quality, healthy environment. People pay taxes and, in a perfect world, the government is supposed to make sure that the taxpayers, we the people, are looked after.

So water, soil and forest are the three biggest problems that Bali needs to sort out? And fast?!
Yes, those three things are closely related to Balinese culture because we are an agricultural society, and agrarian culture depends on two main sources; water and soil. When these two elements are in crisis it means that Balinese culture is in a state of degradation too and, as Bali is fundamentally dependent what people call "cultural tourism," when Balinese culture is rotten, we are screwed. I mean, what else will Bali be able to offer to tourists?

You don’t seem to be much of a tourism fan!
That’s a premature conclusion! Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m definitely aware that the economy of Bali is most prominently energised by the tourism sector but, on the other hand, as I said, if Bali is primarily sold as a cultural tourism destination, then Bali, as a destination, should be serious about maintaining its agrarian culture. It’s important to understand that if we remain careless with our culture and allow the savage exploitation of our water and soil to continue, the consequence to both culture and tourism will be absolute deterioration. We will have nothing left.

In saying that, I support Bali tourism—but only quality tourism—tourism that is not exploitative to its natural resources and doesn’t disgrace the culture here. We don’t want what I like to call mining industry tourism. Balinese are taught Tri Hita Karana, and because of this, in our day-to-day activities we are instructed to take care of the environment, in whatever we do. When the beach is polluted, the groundwater brackish, the forest without trees, and the rice fields have become industrial zones, Bali will end up being Bali minus agrarian culture, and what is Bali then? What else can we offer? So, there you go, the answer is that quality tourism needs to exist parallel with Tri Hita Karana philosophy.

How’s the government responding to all your protests?
I keep shouting, screaming, and writing complaints but, even though I’m doing this, the government hasn’t accommodated the protests. To me this means that they are clueless. In truth, the government has no adaptive policies for environmental troubleshooting.

More often than not, our protests have been regarded as destructive moves rather than constructive solutions and, as our protests are not considered serious, they have been responded to with unproductive statements, responses which can only be described as a significant disrespect upon our right to express our perspectives—rights which are supposedly guaranteed by Indonesian law.

In a few of these cases, such statements from the government have forced us, Walhi, to sue the Governor through the Denpasar Civil Service Arbitration Tribunal. In once such case, permission was given to PT Tirta Rahmat Bahari to manage the mangrove park of Ngurah Rai. There have also been many cases where the governor has let developments go ahead even though they are in complete breech of environmental law.

But the same thing has happened with the parliament, especially Commission III, which focuses on environment. It’s a complete joke. There are times when they act as if they appreciate our activities, and support us by, say, releasing harsh statements to environmental criminals, but then they retract. All of a sudden they just change; they’ll swing from angry to a bit calmer, from calm to taking sides, and then wham, they make us their enemy!

It was a bit of a sad joke when the Secretary of Commission III asked us to send a letter of admonition to the Badung Regent regarding the development of Hotel Mulia in Nusa Dua. Oh, and also when the general public requested to know how come Commission III weren’t progressing with the mangrove park problem, they said that they are waiting for Walhi to send a formal letter to the court. Isn’t it a little weird how legislative action is dependent on us initiating a move?! I mean, isn’t it their job?

Some people say that the institution that you are the head of, Wahli, is secretly driven by overseas interests and by new cultural imperialists…
I’m not at all interested in answering this kind of shallow rumour. I am, we are, openly driven by our conscience, by our idealism. Next question, please.

How can we keep Bali beautiful? Can you enlighten me, and the rest of the people out there, in three easy steps?
1. Start living an environmentally friendly kind of life. Don’t just talk about slogans and teachings such as Tri Kita Karana, apply them in your actual life.
2. Watch over policies regarding environment, and then promote the information. You can start by searching for, sharing and discussing issues using social media.
3. Get out of the house and participate. Rally, protest, be a part of positive change. To participate, you don’t need no money, just a whole lotta spirit!
…well, no, sorry, I don’t want you to think it’s going to be easy. You know how they say that it’s not easy being green? It’s true, but if we work hard, if we all go green together, it’ll be way easier.

Last nagging words?
‘The world is big enough to satisfy everyone needs, but will always be too small to satisfy everyone’s greed.’ Those are Ghandi’s words. Word!


*Homegrown & Well Known is my biweekly column in The Beat (Bali) mag. Basically it’s an interview via e-mail with Bali’s local big shots. This is the 23rd edition, was firstly published—a slightly different version—on The Beat (Bali) #330, Feb 01-14, 2013
*Co-editor: Lauren Shipman
*Photos of Gendo courtesy of Rumble Cloth Bali and Walhi; photos of polluted Kuta Beach taken from detikFoto
*Video below, Gendo with Walhi sue the Governor through the Denpasar Civil Service Arbitration Tribunal regarding Ngurah Rai mangrove park


Tonite! Vive le Rock First Ever Edition!

My brand new radio program on Rebel Radio Indonesia:

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Dec 20 & 27 edition: Way Back Before You Were Punk

The Playlist
01. God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols
02. God Save the Queen - Motorhead
03. New Rose - The Damned
04. New Rose - Guns ‘N Roses
05. I’m So Bored with the USA - The Clash
06. Bored with You Esse (I’m So Bored with the USA) - Manic Hispanic
07. Pump It Up - Elvis Costello
08. Pump It Up - The Hot Rats
09. Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones
10. Another Girl, Another Planet - Mighty Lemon Drops
11. Turning Japanese - The Vapors
12. Turning Japanese - Skankin’ Pickle
13. Stand and Deliver - Adam & the Ants
14. Stand and Deliver - Sugar Ray
15. Heart of Glass - Blondie
16. Heart of Glass - Lunachicks
17. Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
18. Rebel Yell - Children of Bodom
19. Nobody’s Diary - Yazoo
20. Nobody’s Diary - Exhibition
21. Just What I Needed - The Cars
22. Just What I Needed - Gotohells
23. Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles
24. Video Killed the Radio Star - Erasure
25. Walking in L.A. - Missing Persons
26. Walking in L.A. - Hagfish
27. I Melt with You - Modern English
28. I Melt with You - Good Riddance
29. 8675309/Jenny - Tommy Tutone
30. 8675309/Jenny - Bracket
31. Big in Japan - Alphaville
32. Big in Japan - Guano Apes
33. Our Lips are Sealed - The Go-Go’s
34. Our Lips are Sealed - The Hippos
35. Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds
36. Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Bouncing Souls
37. Close to Me - The Cure
38. Close to Me - The Get Up Kids
39. What I Like About You - The Romantics
40. What I Like About You - Suicide Machines
41. Pretty in Pink - The Psychedelic Furs
42. Pretty in Pink - The Dresden Dolls

Footnotes and full description coming soon!

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Merdeka Menjadi Bianglala

Awas! Ini bukan tentang agama atau anti/pro JIL. Ini tentang pilihan pluralisme.

Kerabat Puspawarna,

Jabat erat keberagaman dari klandestin. Ada kabar mencengangkan, utamanya bagi insan bineka yang berdomisili di Bali. Gerakan Indonesia Tanpa JIL (ITJ) yang notabene pendukung "Pluralisme? Injak saja!" ternyata sudah membuka cabang di Bali (akun Twitter: @ITJ_BALI dengan @BahrudinJamil sebagai admin). Konon berpusat di Klungkung.

Duh gusti, ini sungguh lucu. Di Bali mana ada JIL? Mau menghadapi siapa memangnya? Atau memang berencana besar menginjak pluralisme yang justru merupakan fondasi utama Bali? Oh, ok, ok, mungkin sekadar antisipasi agar benih-benih JIL tak bersemi di pulau Dewata. Harus diinjak duluan agar senantiasa kerdil atau sekalian binasa. Begitu? Hmmm… Okeh. Bolehlah diterimah logikah.

Tadi menyebut sekadar mengantisipasi ya? Baiklah, sama juga, sekadar mengantisipasi kehadiran gerakan ITJ tersebut di Bali maka saya sudah minta rekan-rekan saya untuk mengkonfirmasi langsung ke akun Twitter @ITJ_BALI dengan memberikan 2 pertanyaan mendasar:
1. Anda bagian dari "Pluralisme? Injak saja"?
2. Jika tidak, mengapa mengusung Ba’asyir & Rizieq (anti keberagaman) sebagai suri tauladan?
Jawaban silakan e-mail ke: rudolfdethu@rudolfdethu.com

Saya masih menunggu jawaban dari penanggungjawab akun tersebut. Nah, sambil menunggu respons tersebut mari kita siram kembali ingatan kita dengan menampilkan 4 gambar serta 1 akal sehat bersih-segar:
Indonesia Tanpa JIL menjadi partisipan Apel Siaga Umat "Indonesia Tanpa Liberal", 9 Maret 2012, di Jakarta
Salah satu aktivis ITJ bergandengan bersama gerombolan radikal yang gemar mengumbar label sesat dan kafir
Jajaran suri tauladan para peserta aksi
Salah satu "guru besar" ITJ, Rizieq (baca: pembinasa keberagaman), sedang berpidato kala aksi sedang berlangsung

Sekarang silakan gunakan akal sehat dengan baik lalu asosiasikan ke-4 foto tersebut, apa iya gerakan Indonesia Tanpa JIL benar menghargai pluralisme (keberagaman)? Kecuali jika anda kurang menonjol dalam bidang akademis kala bersekolah (baca: tolol) maka anda akan manggut-manggut percaya kepada klaim mereka sebagai organisasi yang menghargai keberagaman.

Ah, sekalian juga, mohon sudi kiranya kawan-kawan outSIDers Muslim dan punk rock puspawarna beragama Islam yang berdomisi di Klungkung bersilaturahmi ke markas ITJ di Klungkung. Tanyakan saja dua pertanyaan di atas. Nanti juga saat saya berlibur ke Bali saya akan minta ITJ Klungkung untuk meluangkan waktu bertemu dengan saya. Saya akan mengajak sahabat-sahabat Muslim saya bertemu dengannya. Ini saya memang sengaja mengajak kerabat Muslim puspawarna agar ITJ tak seenaknya mengklaim mewakili suara mayoritas. Pun saya akan menolak bicara agama sebab ini isunya pluralisme (keberagaman). Sekali lagi, para karib Muslim saya hanya akan jadi penyeimbang klaim ITJ sebagai wakil mayoritas.

Saat bertemu nanti saya akan tegaskan dengan menambahkan 2 pertanyaan lagi:
3. Kedekatan ITJ dengan Ba’asyir (baca: radikalisme). Sebab radikalisme telah dua kali, tahun 2002 dan 2005, meluluhlantakkan Bali (tapi gagal memporakporandakan pluralisme sebab tiada secuil pun tersulut konflik antar agama setelah tragedi mengerikan "Pluralisme? Injak saja!" tersebut)
4. Apakah ITJ Klungkung juga memiliki tabiat seperti guru besarnya yang kerap seenak udelnya mengumbar cap sesat dan kafir ke pihak lain?
Sekali lagi mari saya tekankan: Tidak siapa pun—TIDAK SIAPA PUN—berhak menyebut orang lain sebagai sesat dan kafir. Kata "sesat" dan "kafir" adalah frase kebahasaan yang bermakna derogatori (derogatory) alias merendahkan, melecehkan, bertendensi menghina. Dalam konteks ini, "sesat" dan "kafir" adalah kasta setan tertinggi dari derogatori karena sifatnya yang amat jahat dan keji merendahkan harkat dan martabat kemanusiaan. Saya pribadi tak akan pernah mau tunduk, sampai kapan pun saya akan melawan, cecunguk rendah nan berakal budi menjijikkan yang menyebut saya sesat dan kafir. @ITJ_BALI harus mampu meyakinkan saya bahwa anda berbeda dengan suri tauladan anda.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Bersatu dan merdeka menjadi bianglala. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.


NB: Mohon sudi kiranya ITJ nanti mengirimkan satu e-mail saja ke saya. Kalau memang punya adab, jangan beramai-ramai merespons. Malu-maluin dong kalau mengeroyok. Saya ini cuman sendiri kok. Saya juga tak akan menjawab e-mail tersebut jika anda saya anggap tipe nakal dan mengkerdilkan alias kelas kambing macam "Pluralisme? Injak saja!" Terima kasih banyak sebelumnya.

Sesat dan Kafir Harus Bersatu. (Atau Mencret Menjadi Pengecut Seumur Hidup.)

Awas! Ini bukan tentang agama atau pro-JIL. Ini tentang pilihan pluralisme.

Ayo kita mulai. Sejak menyebarkan "Surat Terbuka untuk Rocket Rockers" segera saja berhamburan respons yang saya terima. Yang paling semangat mengeroyok saya adalah sejawat dari sang biduan Rocket Rockers—what’s his name again?—dari gerakan Indonesia Tanpa JIL. Bertubi-tubi saya dikuliahi serbaneka isu, itu sebenarnya begini, ini sejatinya begitu:

Yang pertama mereka para "Pluralisme? Injak saja!" mencoba meluruskan pemahaman saya tentang pluralitas, pluralisme, dan makna isme itu sendiri. Saya berujung bingung dengan justifikasi linguistik versi mereka yang menurut saya terlalu dicari-cari. Mereka lupa bahwa saya adalah pencinta bahasa, terutama Bahasa Indonesia. Saya tahu. Saya paham benar. Saya punya alasan sentimental mengklaim diri sebagai "munsyi".

Yang kedua mereka para "Pluralisme? Injak saja!" sok mengajari saya tentang penggunaan frase yang nakal, dalam konteks ini: permainan kata "injak saja!". Sama, saya juga berujung bingung sebab "injak saja" itu tidak nakal tapi agresif—ofensif malah, bersifat menyerang, mengerdilkan, kadang bisa membinasakan. Mereka lupa bahwa saya pernah punya clothing line Suicide Glam yang pada masanya jaya wijaya menjadi salah satu distro terbesar di Indonesia, serta saya pernah memanajeri Superman Is Dead dalam rentang waktu nan tak terbilang (tak perlulah dijelaskan siapa SID). Kedua entitas tersebut fondasinya sama: Nakal dan membebaskan. Bukan nakal dan mengerdilkan. Ya, saya punya alasan dramatis mengaku-ngaku sebagai "propagandis".

Yang ketiga oleh mereka dipikirnya saya kurang banyak membaca. Mereka tidak tahu bahwa saya sadar seberapa pentingnya membaca plus saat ini sedang kuliah di bidang perpustakaan di Australia. Pun saya pernah memiliki perpustakaan kecil dan terbuka untuk umum selama beberapa tahun. Pula saya berkeyakinan bahwa di Indonesia, jika satu tempat ibadah dibangun, maka satu perpustakaan juga harus didirikan. Tujuannya? Makin rajin membaca yang berimplikasi mencerdaskan bangsa yang bineka ini lalu di kemudian hari tersentak sadar bahwa keberagaman (pluralisme) adalah yang justru menyatukan Nusantara; kemudian mahfum bahwa "Pluralisme? Injak saja!" adalah tindak khianat.

Silakan mereka, anda, penolak keberagaman menganggap saya arogan. Tiga paragraf jumawa di atas memang sengaja dikreasikan untuk anda saja kawanan "Pluralisme? Injak saja!". Tujuannya? Agar anda lebih mawas diri serta, ahem, pick your battle. Oh ya, saya belum bilang bahwa sejak 2006 saya beserta sejawat dari Komponen Rakyat Bali (juga Yogyakarta, Sulawesi Utara dan Papua) telah bersinggungan dengan orang anti keberagaman macam anda di isu Undang Undang Pornografi. Jadi saya telah "kenal baik" dengan anda, siapa anda, cara pendekatan anda, agenda anda. Jujur, saya, kami, memang kalah karena akhirnya bendera UU Pornografi bisa dikibarkan. Tapi tidak di Bali. Tidak di hati para pencinta keberagaman.

Sudah, sekarang mari kita kembali ke topik utama: Rocket Rockers. Mari saya buktikan bahwa kecurigaan penolak keberagaman itu memang sahih dan beralasan. Cukup dengan 3 foto dan 1 logika benderang.
Aksi Indonesia Menolak Liberal dimana turut berpartisipasi di antaranya adalah gerakan Indonesia Tanpa JIL tempat si vokalis Rocket Rockers—damn, what’s his name again?—meluangkan waktunya di kala senggang.

Salah satu aktivis Indonesia Tanpa JIL dikawal oleh seorang dari, um, FPI? MMI? HTI? Saya kurang tahu. Yang pasti bagian dari organisasi radikal.
Jajaran suri tauladan para partisipan aksi Indonesia Tanpa Liberal. Di antaranya ada Ba’asyir dan Rizieq.

Nah, kerabat puspawarna, pengusung kebinekaan, pencinta keberagaman, dari kedua nama yang saya sebut di atas mana yang anda anggap menghargai pluralisme? Sebaliknya, justru para "guru besar" tersebut adalah orang-orang yang kerap menghancurkan tempat ibadah non kaumnya serta dengan seenak udelnya mencap pihak lain sebagai kafir dan sesat. Atau manuver lucuk mereka: Mengaku menghargai keberagaman namun—salah satu contoh saja—mengharamkan mengucapkan selamat natal. Anda tahu arti dari mengharamkan? Babi haram = babi hina, menjijikkan, menimbulkan penyakit. Jika anda relatif agak tidak terlalu pandai (baca: tolol) mungkin anda akan terbuai dengan klaim mereka sebagai mahluk yang menghargai keberagaman.

Jadi saya tetap dengan pendapat saya sejak awal: Sama sekali tidak percaya bahwa personel Rocket Rockers terutama Noor Al Kautsar alias Ucay (Ha! Baru ingat! Mohon ikhlas dimaafkan, saya memang gampang lupa nama jika sedang jijik) klaimnya menghargai keberagaman. Punk rock, kawasan yang saya hafal benar, justru adalah surganya para insan bineka. Saya tidak terima si personel Rocket Rockers itu merecoki zona punk rock nan puspawarna, yang bangga menjadi pelangi ini. Pun saya menolak bersinggungan sampai kapan pun dengan jenis orang yang merasa berhak mencap orang lain sebagai kafir dan sesat. Tidak siapa pun—TIDAK SIAPA PUN—boleh menyebut orang lain kafir dan sesat. Kenapa dia merasa berhak memasang label kafir dan sesat kepada kita, kepada saya? Siapa yang telah mengangkatnya menjadi mahluk yang berharkat lebih tinggi dari kita, dari saya? Maka itu saya memilih melawan, menolak mencret seumur hidup menjadi pengecut.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Bersatu menjadi bianglala.


1. Sudi kiranya dimaafkan bagi yang foto/karyanya saya gunakan tanpa ijin sebelumnya
2. Kolom komentar saya tutup sebab kesimpulan saya sudah final. Jika ingin merespons ini silakan bikin tulisan sendiri