A Contract You Shouldn’t Sign

Do you believe that having everything would make you satisfied in this life? Then you may end up chasing everything restlessly while you never find a pool which contain a drop of satisfaction. Since satisfaction is all about the feel of perfection, and in this ever-changing world, there is no such a single form of [...]

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Training A Dragon?

Last night I watched this animated movie, “How To Train Your Dragon”, it is not a new movie, but still fascinating watching it, especially in high-definition. Dragons are fabulous creatures between myths and legends, almost all Eurasian have a legendary scripts about dragons or dragon-like creatures. If you talk about fantasy worlds, bed time stories, [...]

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Rio – A Story of Blu

Have you watching Rio The Movie? I would say it as a fascinating 3D animated-movie with the touch of musical comedy. The movie is started with the jungle somewhere – perhaps – in Rio de Janeiro, where wild birds has their happy time singing together. Including a little blue bird, which later becomes the main [...]

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