Rio – A Story of Blu

Have you watching Rio The Movie? I would say it as a fascinating 3D animated-movie with the touch of musical comedy. The movie is started with the jungle somewhere – perhaps – in Rio de Janeiro, where wild birds has their happy time singing together. Including a little blue bird, which later becomes the main protagonist of the story – a Spix’s Macaw.

But the happy time wasn’t there forever, suddenly the situation becomes chaotic, the little blue bird felt of from his nest and caught by the smuggler.

The set then moves to Minnesota, a cold and snowy land, very unlikely similar with the rainforest where the little blue bird used to live. By a transportationRio accident, his smuggled box falls over from the truck and then found by a little girl with red hair and round glasses named Linda. In a fast forward story, the bird then named Blu and becomes a domesticated macaw, with his “self-declarator companion” Linda, they run a book store together in Minnesota.

Then they live happily ever after, ups, wait, of course this is not the end of the story. Yes, they life happily until an ornithologist named Túlio Monterio comes to their book shop and tells a shocking news or rather an invitation. Túlio said that Blu maybe the last male of his kind, his species. And they were asked to visit Rio to give Blu a chance meeting a female of his kind.

Then the Blu’s adventure start here. Blu arrives at Rio and find a whole new world for the first time in reality, well, he has watching the Animal Planet or other stuffs, but never experience it by his self.

He first meet the duo Pedro (red-crested cardinal) and Nico (yellow canary), which in later scenes, become his adventures pals. Well, I can say they have a different taste in music, but still they are a good samba team.

Blu then did meet his angle – Jewel, which is trying to escape from the aviary while Blu insist to stay inside like all the domesticated bird should do. But, they were soon, captured by the smuggler. The adventures start here, where Blu and Jewel try to escape from the smugglers.

They met friends along the ways, and the enemies as well. The comedy touch would surely makes you laugh freely, and the musical effect is so nice, you can dance unintentionally while watching the movie.

I do (love the Carnaval festival), but I love my family even more, and that is the decision I made by this (heart) not by this (mind).

That are the words of Rafael for Blu when he has a fighting with Jewel. I think it’s a wonderful line, that easy to say, but most of us are easy to forget or neglect it, and having hard time to realise it back before it became too late.




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