Rain Under Your Umbrella

The simple phrases “Rain under your umbrella”, I’m not quite sure where I ever got those words entering my head. Maybe when I read “Salad Days” in past few years behind. Well, you may have been reading my post about “Dark Rain” before, yes my small city is under melancholy rain right now.

Suddenly those phrases run away wild inside my mind. I think people should get warmth and comfort when they were in trouble & reaching their closest one for shelter. But sometimes, even your heart reaches the one you looking for, the issue may not just vanish away.

We may find something as the opposite as what we start to hope on the moment before. Life is full of surprise, that we won’t able to know exactly how to future would take a form.

I would let it goes, even the rain under your umbrella, but my heart would stay just like this, warm as always just by stand by you.


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