Please Do Not Worry

Merapi Volcano has not been stop his “insane” activities yet. Yet, my dorm only about 5 – 10 kilometres from the last safety ring. So, there would be an appropriate reason for my family in Bali to worry about their son here – in Jogja.

My phone always ringing every day, even I got text message about double than usual. Simply I said, “Please do not worry.” I won’t say everything just fine right now, since we have red alert here, but at least do not add more worry in it.

I won’t say there is no lethal threats, we have hundreds dead bodies, and even hundreds thousand refuges right now. We have lahar and lava, but what can I say, we are facing a wrath of the most active volcano.

Just I want to say, this is not the first time I am facing near death situation. I think that we – the people – much hold hands together, help each others. Since we are human at all – there is no much reason for it.

This is a natural disaster, the catastrophic one, if the time would show us there is no way out, then let it be. But for now, this is what we can do here. And please do not worry.


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