Otonan Under Volcanic Ashes

Recently, I love the melody of the afternoon, the ashes and the dusts just flew by around the people and the city. Maybe they never wish to do anything harmful, but they have no choice to become harmless either. And yes, today is my otonan, and Mom already gave me a call (and still asked me to come back home to Bali).

Well, I don’t want to considering today as a over sacred day. But I don’t think I can get my otonan in easy way. The volcano still active and people still evacuated to safer places around the Southern Yogyakarta.  I think even I get to the temple, nothing much would change over there – well – here & there would be the same place for the almighty.

I remembered that Stella Terrill Mann ever said, “Whatever God’s dream about man may be, it seems certain it cannot come true unless man cooperates.” I don’t believe if God really exist, the God prefer us to be in deep trouble. But that doesn’t me that we – human – can do whatever as we please. Lets try to overcome this disaster together.

And I think that what would be the best for my otonan today. Just giving all I can under the romantic volcanic ashes, flew within my life & dreams.


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