People – I think – prefer to walk in path that full of light, a charming path if I may say so. People love when everything look so clear, so certain instead – well, I’d love it too obviously.

People has an amazing mind function to make a kind of judgment that something is certain, I mean to make it certainty right or the opposite – certainty wrong! But sometimes the base of the judgment comes out of clarity of one own mind itself.

To judge means that you must have enough knowledge that can make a distinctive point between each other sides. But if we see throughout our very mind itself, the knowledge seems as something that always limited – and therefor it can not guarantee that the distinctive point is correctly made.

Lets say, “I know this is right!” – but how can I be so sure if that things is right? Than I would like to say, “by this knowledge…, by this guide, by this path that enlighten me.”

It is easy to speak, to declare what we know or what we believe to be right according our path.

But beware! That is the risk – or I would prefer to say “the nature” of path that full of light, that our light might be showing a different point of righteousness than the other lights. If you give your faith in it, there is possibly conflict emerge in your life, in your relationship with others.

Well, I am living within the darkness, I have no joy which come about the path light. I have no such clarity. So I wouldn’t say that I was right all this time.


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