Cross My Heart

Last weekend, I did watching some old movie from my collection. One of my favourite is “UP” by Pixar Studio and Disney. Yes, I don’t feel bore no matter how many times I watch and watch it again. It is a wonderful masterpiece which touches our senses of humanity, friendship and awareness. No body can walk alone in this life, that is why we are supporting each others sincerely.

The old Carl Fredricksen perhaps grew up in spirit of adventure when he was a little kid, just like many other ordinary kids above this Terra. Dreams of something that fascinates our wildest curiosity, is something that inevitably moves us forward with big smile in our heart. But somehow, there are a lot of circumstances those would shatter our will to reach our dreamland, age and perhaps losing our very reason definitely be some of them.


But even if there is seemed no other way you shall continue to walk to your dream, but maybe if you willingly open your heart and start again to walk – there will be a way, in the way which perhaps beyond your wildest imagination.

So will you just giving up, or …

Will you start to walk, and say, “… cross my heart” – to where your dream awaits you. Just like the old Fredricksen done.


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