A Place to Bury Strangers: New Video ‘We’ve Come So Far’

I’ve discovered this shoegazin’ noise rockers not that long ago. First song I heard was “Onwards to the Wall”. From that point on, I started digging deeper. I’m now a huge fan. Below is the latest update about this New York City-based group, taken from spin.com.

All good things must come to an end. This even includes sweaty DIY venue Death By Audio, a Brooklyn indie landmark. But before A Place to Bury Strangers said their last goodbyes to the familial ground — literally the place where lead singer Oliver Ackermann lived — the trio decided to film their music video for new single “We’ve Come So Far” at the space. The clip begins with lead vocalist and DBA founder Ackermann wading through the crowded venue, being acknowledged by fans and colleagues alike. Strobes and shadows fill the space while the camera follows Ackermann as he embarks on stage. Director Matt Conboy creates an experience that allows the viewer to be a part of DIY history and simultaneously showcases fans having the time of their life.

Director Matt Conboy shares his intial vision of the film: “I wanted to make a video that gave the viewer the visceral experience of seeing the band. The fact that we were losing our home, that it was the last show and APTBS were playing seemed like too good of an opportunity to turn down. We filmed their set and I felt like we were able to capture the spirit of that moment: this weird, dark form of celebration and catharsis. By the end of the night I think everybody felt like they really got something out of their system.”

APTBS’s fourth album Transfixiation is available today.


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