A Little Sanctuary A Little Happiness

In this life, what do people aim, wish, search, and so on? A friend ever said to me, that she wanted to become rich, so she can offer her parents with good houses; other spook to me that he wanted to become rich, so he can work to serve humanity with less burden, so he can help more people with less worry. So I said, then be rich to both of them.

Yes, being capable to share with others, someone must rich. If you have nothing, then, there is nothing to share.

If you are rich in money, so you can share them. If you are rich in knowledge, yes – you can share them. If you are rich in wisdom, just share them. And, if you are rich in happiness, obviously you can share them. So why not, being rich is not a bad thing.

Bavaria Snow

But, how about being poor? Someone can not share anything by being poor, can he? Yes, you can not give anyone anything if you have none. Which is make nobody bother you for something if you walk your way down the street, since you has nothing.

If you are poor of money, you can start to work; but if you can work because of you lack of knowledge or skill, you can start to learn; then, if you can find anything seems fit for you, you can start to acknowledge which bring wisdom in to your front door.  Which means, if you are poor, then you can freely start to live, to move, to dance, to sing, to everything you never has before, just like the world are a new.

If you are rich, you can fill the world with anything you has; if you are poor you can let the world fill you with everything it has. If you are rich and yet poor, perhaps you are already in perfection. If you can fill and be filled freely, perhaps you are already the within the Shambhala, the land of enlightenment.

If you can perceive this form and formless talk even a little, then perhaps you are a little sanctuary, a little happiness.


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